A Wee Walk

In the interests of spoiling myself silly, because I’m worth it, I have fixed a walking holiday for myself in Scotland.

Yes, nothing says “cheer up, you silly tit” like a few days marching solo in the Highlands, with a tweed jacket and a paisley cravat flipping about one’s shoulders. Or maybe a few layers of Goretex, should push come to shove. And it probably will.

I had intended to go rough, maybe camp a bit, wander at my own pace, but to be honest I decided quite quickly to do it in style. So I fixed a full 3 day’s hiking from Ben Nevis and south, covering 80 km through some of the most dramatic scenery in Scotland.

This is a part of the West Highland Way, and the full walk takes 9 or 10 days, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to do the full version. However this package includes a dramatic slice of the walk, including luggage transfer and 4 nights in quaint bed and breakfasts, including meals of lively proportions, usually involving the word “full” somewhere.

And around this hiking extravaganza I have 2 days to explore Glasgow, a city I have never been to. I tried to find a few willing couch-surfing hosts but have been unable to stir any interest so far in that area.

So instead I will send out a plea to my faithful readers (and the dodgy ones, too). If anybody living in Glasgow has nothing to do on Saturday July 12, or likewise on Thursday July 17, perhaps they could consider:

1) Showing me some of their city

2) Or putting me up

I could always get a hostel or hotel of course, but to be honest the whole budget is already shot full of holes, thanks to new hiking boots and full English breakfasts. And besides that, it’s such fun to meet strangers and put oneself at their mercy.

So please? What about it, eh?

/ paddy

12 thoughts on “A Wee Walk

  1. I like the “including luggage transfer” part. This sounds like a vacation in my style and I look forward to a post-trekking report.
    Have high times :-)

  2. You are SO worth it. Just like my dishwashing machine. (seems L’Ôreal really made a smash hit with that sentence) Hope you have a lovely, breathtaking journey. Will miss you while you’re gone – even though knowing you only from screen-life!

  3. Damn, man. And wow.

    Take pictures, please, that you will share with us.

    I’ve wanted to visit Glasgow so I’ll be looking forward to hearing your impressions.

  4. When I called it “English breakfast” in Orkney, my merry B&B keeper told me that it was a Scottish breakfast. “What’s the difference?”, asked I. “It’s pronounced differently”.

  5. Go n’éiri an t-adh leat, a Phádraig! Have a great one. I love Scotland. It’s like Ireland before we got rich and rushed. Don’t suppose you’ll be anywhere near Findhorn – treehuggers, moon-watchers, and circle dancers – but that’s just me being an old hippie.

  6. Blackout: Yeah, that sold it to me also.

    christina: Thanks.

    Alex: I will try to remember to take photos. Am quite bad at that, though. Prefer to look than to snap.

    Glen: I found it on suggestive-breakfast.com.

    Martin: But of course it is.

    OR Melling: My dear, I shall avoid hippies as much as I can.

  7. In my (rather limited) experience, a Scottish breakfast often involves a kind of fried potato cake, the name of which escapes me at the moment. You won’t find that in an English breakfast afaik.

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