Oh Summer Where Art Thou

So the Summer, for me at least, is over. Tomorrow it’s back to work, head down, eyes forward, fingers extended and mind not really on the job.

Fig 1: A desk, not unlike mine. Except for the slippers.

This is the problem, you see. Do I really want this job? I don’t actually know. I’ve only been there 5 weeks, and so far it’s been a steep, but interesting, learning curve. And now I’m arriving at the stage where I need to get doing stuff. I need to come to work every day and have a lot of things to keep me busy, and keep my mind spinning, so that the day will pass and I will feel like something has been accomplished.

And up to now it’s not been like that. Yes, yes, of course, with a new job it takes time to get settled in, to learn the routines, to understand how things work, and all that. But it can’t take too long, can it?

So tomorrow I need to sit down with some People Who Matter and lay it on the line. I need to get moving forward, I will say. I need to be busy. Help me work out what to do. And then everything will be hunky dory.

Of course, this may not be the job for me, so I am keeping my eyes open for others and if the perfect job pops up, I will of course go for it. I will give this job the time it requires, and work my arse off to get things done, but if I still feel this way in a few months, then it might be time to move on. We’ll see.

And oh yeah, sure, I could talk about my hiking in Scotland, but really, what’s the point? It was great. End of story. Mountains, and moors, and rivers, and haggis, and all that. Great stuff.

Normal service, where I complain about things in what I hope is an amusing way, will shortly be resumed. Roll on the Autumn.

/ paddy


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