So it’s the Olympics in 2 days. I just realised today why it will start on Friday – that will be August 8, 2008 or, for the bad morning people out there, 080808. And the Chinese do like their numerology, especially when connected to the lucky number 8. So fair enough then.

I doubt, however, that I will be watching very much. Maybe the occasional glance at it here and there, because, to be honest, there’s precious little else on the TV when there is a major sporting “event” up for offer.

I never understood why that was, why all my favourite shows had to be cancelled for the duration of these “games”. Just a 24-hour diet of skinny chicks showing off their stomach muscles before a race.

Of course it’s money talking. Sport is very easy to televise, and very predictable “news” since, you know, somebody is guaranteed to win. I don’t really count it as news that 8 people run a race and one of them wins it, but that’s just me.

And then we have the issue of drugs in sport. I say screw it all and have an Olympics for athletes on drugs, like the Special Olympics, but with a cooler name. Like Mega Olympics, or the Buzz Games (sponsored by a certain Cola). Think how much fun that would be, and they could use all the money saved from not drug testing the athletes and give it to charity. Or just use it to buy more drugs.

This Friday is also a good day to get married. Apparently. And if you have a Catholic wedding on that day and it doesn’t work out, the Pope will give you your money back. Plus send you 2 “Christ Rocks” t-shirts, a gift voucher for the Vatican gift shop and a free account on http://www.christiansingles.com.

So book now – it’s a one-time offer only.

/ paddy

5 thoughts on “080808

  1. May I suggest the “Ben Johnson Games” to be held on September 27th. Would be a fitting “tribute” to the world’s fastest man ;)

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