Nice Words

Sometimes you find a word or phrase that you really like. And, if you’re like me, you take every chance you can to squeeze it into conversation. And since it’s Friday and I can’t be arsed to write very much, here are a few of them.

Al Desco – The eating of lunch or breakfast in front of your computer at work. Use: “No, I’ll be having my lunch al desco today”.

Ambimoustrous – Possessing the arcane ability to use the computer mouse with either hand.

Meatspace – That part of our reality where real objects interact with each other. Use: “And then after a few weeks I first met him in meatspace”.

Analysis Paralysis – Unable to make a decision due to over-analysing all the available options (and cheers to Martin for this one).

Any more, my good people? Fire away and pepper me with your comments. I am all ears (and that’s a very scary image, I think you’ll agree).

/ paddy

17 thoughts on “Nice Words

  1. Big Wank- A particularly rigorous masturbation session, perhaps involving props, that leaves one forlorn and unable to play darts at the highest level. Seems to usually happen on saturdays. Why is that by the way?

  2. No suggestions for the moment, I’m sorry, but I fully intend to show this to an ambimoustrous colleague of mine, when I get back to work on Monday. I’m sure he’ll be just thrilled to learn that his is an arcane skill.

  3. Big Sis has just come up with a great word: Nosepluppar! (A good old combo of Swedish and English)

    Nosepluppar are like earplugs except that you use them to plug your nose when someone (i.e. little brother) has farted. Believe me, when he and the dog are in full swing, you need a good set of nosepluppar!

  4. I’m really trying hard to come up with something because I use those kind of words now and then. I just really really can’t remember one right now.

  5. Vaginaice: a niece freindly vagina, or
    Vagina Ice: a cold unfrendly vagina.
    This is sick but at least a suggestion.

  6. I thought up a new phrase but you guys have to figure out what it’s supposed to mean because I have no clue and I’m drunk right now:

    Spermicidal Blond

    It has a catchy ring, no?

  7. Blackout: Back to the drawing board.

    Glen: “Spermicidal Blond” I like. Now we just need a definition. “Beluga Bombshell”…hmmm…maybe some bad joke about a fishy smell? Also a very good name for a band, perhaps one with Gwen Steffani in it?

  8. Spermicidal Blond is the physically attractive blonde on the subway who responds to a friendly smile with a look that says “Drop dead, Creep!”. In extreme cases one can feel how the goolies start to wither away…

  9. A Beluga Bombshell is obviously when someone on the tube or bus lets rip and there is no escape from the foul smell. The person smells sweetly as if he is not the one responsible for the noxious smell in the first place.

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