Unremarkable Guests

I have written before on the subject of couch surfing. For those of you who just don’t listen, this is the practice of inviting strangers to stay with you for a few days, in exchange for – well, for nothing really. Although you do get a feel-good buzz, and the chance to meet new people, and the chance to get invited back from them, and the chance to top up your Karma levels. And, it goes without saying, the chance to get something to blog about.

I have had some excellent couch surfers at my place. Several of them I know I could visit when I want to, in many an exotic location. But this week I have invited 2 people and they are causing me to reconsider the whole thing.

These 2 ladies are from Zurich, and they are gay. Which I thought was interesting. Not in a let’s-all-get-it-on sort of way, but in the slightly naïve belief that a gay couple might have a lot to say and a lot to discuss about the world. Also H9 is staying and I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to introduce him to other cultures and ways of living.

Unfortunately my couch surfers are as dull as hell. Seriously, they are. Their funny stories could make paint dry. They sort of hang around the apartment in the evenings, and there is a distinct lack of presents, or wine for the host, or restaurant visits for my boundless hospitality. In short, they are dull and almost invisible, and don’t even say good night, and have neglected spectacularly to take me out to buy me cocktails.

A friend pointed out that people from Zurich are essentially Germans and Germans in general are not the chatty and hilarious type. Fine, I can accept that. But, come on now, you should at least make an effort when staying for free at somebody else’s place.

Also I made the mistake of letting them stay for 4 nights. And this is far too much, even if these were people that I knew. And I can promise this – if I ever invite somebody to stay again (and, as of now, I’m not at all sure) I will first check up how interesting they are, and I will impose a limit of max. 2 days and nights.

As mentioned before, I really like the whole concept of accommodation exchange, but you need to step carefully. Not from a danger of meeting a serial killer, but from a danger of being inadvertently bored to death.

The situation may yet improve. And the ladies have until Sunday morning to prove their generous natures to me. And if I am presented with something eatable/drinkable/enjoyable before then, I take back (most of) what I have said here.

But only most of it.

/ paddy

14 thoughts on “Unremarkable Guests

  1. I met these two pleasent ladies! And since i am an attractive woman i got more connected with them, but they were still dull and such stereotypes. A talkative butch with crewcut and the silent partner. Germans are for sure special, but more because of their total lack of irony.

  2. Hm, I wonder if it’s the same couple that I had as guests once in my glorious past as a tourist guide in Greenland: dedicated vegans and whale-friends, in TEARS – literally – when I (enthustiastically) explained about the native whale- and seal hunting.
    And BTW, just to make you jealous – I have an Italian couple (non-lesbian) living in my flat these days (as you know) – and my fridge is booming with lovely wine and parmesan cheese in generous quantities….

  3. The wierd thing is that they actually go to bed before 10 and dont say good night or want to socalize at all. If you are here why dont you go out in the nights, discover the gay stockholm or whatever. I think there are two kind of sofasurfing people-the one that are backpackers and want to meet new freinds or the one like yours that dont wanna spend money on youth hostels and are just greedy. By the way when i asked them what they did, the didnt see the best of Stockholm like the archapelago, they were just after cheap CD:s in Supermarkets.

  4. Wow. People go on holiday for that? The CDs in Zurich must be astronomical.

    I don’t know, Christina, these people don’t sound like they’d have emotions that big…

  5. When someone wants to stay over I always tell them it´s OK as long as they don´t disturb me with too much talk. Preferable no talk at all.
    The house is yours but please shut up and do your own thing.
    I am reading.

  6. Everybody: Well, they are gone now. And they didn’t improve so much. Expect more in next blog entry.

    Christina: Why don’t you send your Italians over to me? Tell them to stock up on blue-mould cheese and wine and they can stay forever.

  7. Niamh: Thanks! Yeah they were a bit rude. But on the other hand, look at all the blogging material I got out of it.

    And shouldn’t you out there doing some recipes..? Come on now, I’m holding my breath waiting for your next wonderful creation. Something with canterelles, maybe..?

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