Couchsurfing Review

Well I’ve done film reviews, book reviews and holiday reviews. And now I might be breaking new Internet ground with a couch-surfing review.

As mentioned (at great length) in the previous entry, I have had 2 ladies from Zurich staying in my place over the last few days. These particular ladies were less than interesting and entirely failed to show the proper level of enthusiasm and interaction expected from people who stay at your place for free.

As pointed out in the comments of the previous entry, there are apparently 2 kinds of couch surfers. There are those who like to meet new people, have new experiences, discover a city from the inside and who appreciate the whole community feeling and trust created by the very act of staying with a complete stranger. These kinds of people I like, and it is these kinds of people I hoped to meet by occasionally opening up my flat to the public.

And then there are those people who stay with strangers because they are just cheap and can’t be bothered to pay for a hotel. And these were the sort of people I was landed with last week. Little communication, no sense of humor, no sharing of experience and, from what I saw, little lust for life. They were, plain and simple, dead boring, and completely missed the spirit of the whole free accommodation thing.

I allowed them a chance to make up for it by showering me with gifts. And yes, indeed, they DID purchase a bottle of wine and present it to me. They also talked about how carefully they had picked out the wine, based on a conversation that occurred during the previous week. So I was very pleased, until I went into the website for Systembolaget, Sweden’s booze monopoly, and discovered that this particular bottle of maroon piss had cost 69 Swedish crowns (7 euro). This, in Sweden, is a very cheap wine indeed. In fact, it’s difficult to find anything cheaper that does not come in a tetrapak.

Now I don’t mean to suggest that I judge gifts by how much they cost … no wait, actually yes I do. Especially wine. Nice wine, by and large, equals pricey wine. And buying very cheap wine for a host and presenting it with a flourish is actually the height of ignorance, bad taste, and will toast your karma for years to come.

So the ladies failed at the final hurdle. And I am afraid I am unable to award them more than one jade couch on my newly created couch-surfing rating scale.

Better luck next time ladies, and don’t expect me to pop over to Zurich any time soon.  And if I do, I think you know what your present is going to be.

/ paddy

10 thoughts on “Couchsurfing Review

  1. Don’t judge a wine by its price – but by its taste! Not all expensive wines taste wonderful!!!

    Now, I wonder if the name of the wine (Primitivo) was their way of telling you something about you – or about themselves!!

  2. ladyFi: Well the price is a good place to start! And I’m sure that THEY picked it by the price. And not all expensive wines taste great, but the odds are much much better.

  3. I´m so glad you used my theoretical framework about these two types.

    I really feel sorry for you! Everything could have been so dandy! You, a single father being trapped in a flat with a lesbian couple!!! But they were boring, greedy and ugly!!!

    No, a good wine can cost 69 kr but not the whole asortment in Systembolaget would make up to you and your misery.

  4. Martin: Or useful for filling with even cheaper wine.

    H: Yes I do like your theoretical frameworks. And my misery was beyond measure. Although a nice bottle of rum would have helped.

  5. Haha poor thing, I feel for ya. I would be utterly nervous about having people in my home, and if they were boring on top of being in my home, I would probably go mad. I’m not the super-social type either I guess, but if someone is gonna crash at my place the conversation should at least flow pretty well.

  6. ullis: I will specify very clearly next time – either they know some really good circus trick or they damn well give me some nice stuff. Very simple really.

  7. The wine was horrible!!!! I´m still wrecked after the weekend. A heavy, strong, sour red wine, I havn´t drunken a wine like that since i was a freshment student on campus. At that time you had time for a crap-red-wine-headache.

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