Swedish Traffic Twins

OK, this one just HAS to be commented upon. I received this link from my friend Stuart (who doesn’t have a blog, so he cannot be linked to).

It’s a clip from one of those Traffic Cops shows and it shows 2 blonde ladies doing unbelievably dangerous and suicidal things on a motorway in the UK.

According to the articles I have seen (from the BBC) the ladies are twins and from Sweden. Which explains their nice clothes and trained physiques, but not their elevated levels of insanity.

Watch the thing and see for yourself. There is also a longer version available on youTube.

According to the female copper in the longer version, the ladies appeared to be “on drugs” which explains their strength, although which drugs they mean might have been interesting to know. Pot? Speed? Crack? Surströmming?

And if these ladies are actually Swedish, then why haven’t I seen this in the Swedish media? Not a whisper. If anybody has any information on this – who the ladies are, when this happened, where they train – then please share it with us, pronto.

/ paddy

10 thoughts on “Swedish Traffic Twins

  1. OMG! Is it really really true! They are totally NUTS! and so irresponsible… It’s one thing to kill yourself, but to put lots of drivers through the hell of crashing or hitting someone… They were definitely high on too much fermented herring!


  2. Did one of the women die? They document the one in the red coat running around after being struck, but what about the other?

  3. Paddy – Check your UTube link – ‘Brits4Britain’ posted it and some of the comments are obviously racist.

  4. Joe Piscapo: I don’t think either of them died.

    Alex: I’m not sure. I think they were just mental.

    Stuart: Thanks, I just saw that. But I’ll leave it there, not out of a “freedom of speech” angle, but because the best way to fight skinheads is to put on public display how fucking stupid they are.

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