Forgetting Global Poverty

Typical, isn’t it, that I make a promise on gloabal poverty and then don’t keep it?

Having promised LadyFi that I would spread aid to the needy, I then reneged on my word and instead used the cash to build a new airport, re-tile the royal palace, send my 15 sons off to the Sorbonne and install a jacuzzi in my second-largest jet.

To the point, and quickly, as the day is almost over:

October 15 (A.K.A. today) is Blog Action Day. And this year the focus is on poverty. So let’s all keep in mind that we are probably the most privillaged society that has ever existed, in terms of, well, everything – food, life quality, travel, medical care, access to information and civil liberties. And, I suspect, the most privillaged that there ever will be.

And keep also in mind that there are continents of people out there who would happily dig through our rubbish for a living. And do.

So once again, head on over to LadyFi, who has promised to donate money for every comment published on her blog today. And even me, normally a cynical old bastard, will be donating to, who provide micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. A truly good cause if ever I saw one.

/ paddy


3 thoughts on “Forgetting Global Poverty

  1. Paddy – thanks for that! Even if it was at the very last minute… My posts are up today, Thursday, and tomorrow, Friday – so the good folks who read your blog are NOT too late! Head on over and leave me a comment… I’m donating money for EVERY comment left!

    It must be a good cause if even an old cynic like Paddy is going to donate to Kiva!…

    Remember – I put my money where your mouth is!

  2. LadyFi: And I will put my mouth where my money..was..or is…I think…

    RBH: It feels a bit like internet dating, except that you will probably change somebodies life.

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