Happy Birthday Michael Leane

I generally have trouble remembering birthdays of friends and family. I write them down, but still I sometimes miss them. So I find it strange that I always remember that today, November 3rd, is the birthday of one of my first school friends, Michael Leane.

He’s not really a friend anymore as we drifted in different directions back when we were 12 or so. I last saw him, accidentally, in 1995 in the toilet of a nightclub in Dublin. But for the seven years before that, and all the years after, no sighting at all.

Now, I have occasionally tried to find him, on one of those days when I am bored and get an urge to track down people from my previous life and see what they are up to these days. You know, the usual way – Google, Facebook, Linked In.

Generally I can always locate some trace, but this does not seem to be the case for my old school friends from Ireland. In fact I have only one old school friend as a friend on Facebook, and that’s only because I still have contact with him in analogue life.

I don’t know why this is. It is easy enough to find people I went to university with, or people I have worked with after that. But my old school mates are untraceable. Where have they all gone? Have they all changed their names upon marriage? Are they in witness protection? Or do Irish people born in the 70s just not use the internet?

Perhaps I will never find out.  But in any case, a happy birthday to Michael Leane, pharmacist, and please feel free to drop a comment if you read this and let us all know where you have been, and if the rest of them were there, and if they are all well.

/ paddy


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Michael Leane

  1. Perhaps he got flushed down that toilet when you saw him accidentally…

    Tell me – did you just wave? Or did you actually talk to him? I’m a bit worried by the use of the word accidentally. Sounds as if you were trying to avoid him…

  2. Actually for me it is the opposit, freinds from primary school ARE on Facebook and they are very eager to add all people from the very past, like it was their prime time then. I had my prime time during university and later and want to be added by those people, not Andreas, Jeanette och Claes who I maybe liked once, but from age 12 we never spoke again. This cure little boy in the fotball team turned out to be a smelly teenage monster with big spots and long arms or the freindly girl just started to ignore you because you did you homework. Why add them? But for sure it´s fun to trace them, see what happened to them… but old boyfreinds rejecting you is more interesting.

  3. ladyFi: No, I didn’t xpect to see him in a toilet, so it was quite accidental.

    H: I think we all had our best years during university – the people who peaked at age 15 are by now very tragic. Imagine having your best years behind you at the age of 25. Terrible.

  4. Now that, of course, is a challenge. He’s not a practising pharmacist in Ireland at the moment (the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland has a database that you can search of all registered members). He’s not by any chance the guy who plays hurling who lives in Lyracrompane, is he? Has a brother (?) called Martin; related to Teresa Leane, Toureenard, Knocknagoshel and Carrigcannon, who died last year? Might be the same Michael Leane involved with Kirby’s Bar in Ballyheigue? (Yes, I searched the Kerryman …)

  5. Funny, I can’t imagine going to the trouble of even bothering to look up more than a couple of people (you of course are at the top of the list) from our school days on any form of social networking site – we were both so different from everybody else that it is unlikely that I would have anything to say to them now that I am not forced to spend 8 hours a day in a room with them. On the other hand, I do see what you mean, once you mentioned it I had a go at finding a few random people and had no success whatsoever!

  6. H: The choice seems to be more time, less money or less money, more time. Not sure which is best.

    Conor: I would bet my organs that he does not play hurling. Maybe he moved abroad. But still, to have NO internet presence is odd.

    DrDan: Yes, but I would just lik to see how fat they all got…

  7. I had the same phenomen happen just the other day. January 7 to be precise. I have absolutely NO idea why, but I will forever remember that Jan 7 is the day of Melissa Zeglen’s birth. She lived one block over growing up and I don’t think I’ve seen her since high school graduation but her birthday sticks. Perhaps because she was the first bday party of the new year?

  8. It is great to get in touch after all this time. David gave me an email address for you so I have already sent an email to you there.

    To address your withering sarcasm – actually I do have a facebook page – so feel free to add me as a friend etc etc.

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