Tax Money

You know those game shows where, if you win, you get like 2 minutes to run around a shop and stuff your shopping trolley with high-value items? Well that’s kind of how I feel now.

42-17177492You see, I have been a freelance Flash developer for the last year (yes, I know, it’s a crappy homepage), doing the occasional small project here and there to boost my income. And I discovered quickly that the tax level in Sweden for freelancers is insane.

As soon as I receive money for a project, I must immediately chop off two thirds and put it in a tax account. Yes, in Sweden freelancers pay over 60% tax.

Now it would hardly be worthwhile at all, except for the fact that, as a small company, I get to write off expenses. This means that anything related to my business is essentially free. So, as I have a hefty sum still in my tax account, I am frantically trying to find things to spend it on before the end of the year.

So far I have bought a Mac laptop, a sack full of computer peripherals and software, and been eating out (customer representation) but I still have a way to go. And now I am running out of ideas, and also running out of time. So the question is: how to spend a lot of money in a short time, on things that can reasonably be connected to my business and written off as expenses?

For example, I went to New York a few weeks ago. Can the plane ticket be written off? How about a new mobile telephone? A camera? Massage? An iPod?

Any ideas and tips are welcome. Because handing over that much money to the tax man is, as I think you will agree, just plain wrong.

/ paddy

3 thoughts on “Tax Money

  1. I think you should employ me immediately – let me spend your money for you! Things that you can use your money on:

    – Flight tickets to New York as this was business.
    – New mobile phone – definitely! You need this for work.
    – iPod – to listen to work related stuff.
    – It’s Christmas – so you have to buy Christmas presents for your customers… So buy stuff that you can use, or for your family, and get it tax-free!
    – Books, books, books! And stationery, paper, pens – all tax-free.
    – Get a printer and a camera for work.
    – Your ‘office’ needs some new furniture.
    – Pay your phone and Internet bills with tax money.
    – Massage – probably counts as ‘friskvård’
    – Spend a couple of nights in a hotel in another town as part of your efforts to increase your customer base.
    – Come to our house and hire in a chef to cook us food and then clear up afterwards coz I’m a valuable aide (i.e. full of bright ideas and modesty)
    – Hire a car to get to that hotel getaway.
    – Buy a translation pen, or maybe digital paper and pen. You can write down your notes and thoughts and then just transfer them over to your computer.
    – Take us out for a meal as part of customer representation.
    – Book yourself into a conference to upgrade your knowledge and skills.
    – Buy some clothes and shoes for those o-so-important customer meetings.
    – Hire someone to make a good website for you.
    – Take some ‘customers’ out to the cinema, or a show.

    Let me know if you need any more ideas… ;-)

  2. Too late now, but next year. check with your accountant if you can do an extra payment on a pensionsförsäkring, whatever that is called in english. I seem to recall that the normal amount of 12000 per year doesn’t apply if you have a business.

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