Another Year Another Riot

So it’s soon 2009. This comes as quite a shock, as I still am a little unsure about being in the 2000s. What what were they called exactly? The zeros? The naughties? The nothing-in-particulars?

1958-exploring-space-back-paleofutureWhatever–in one year I will have to get adjusted to a whole new decade. The 10s promise to be a decade of decay, global panic, and, for me, medium to average hair loss. Although I come from a family where the men don’t lose their hair, I have to anyway consider it a possibility and prepare for the worse.

When I was growing up, the year 2009 seemed incredibly futuristic. And now it’s simply routine, along with mobile telephones, personal computers, and free access to every movie and song in the world.

But 2009 feels like a good year. It’s an odd number, for one, and 9 is a much more satisfying year than 8, since it is a perfect square, and odd numbers are obviously superior to even ones, just as electrons are obviously red and not blue. Am I right?

Anyway, welcome to the future. The flying cars are coming any day now.

/ paddy

6 thoughts on “Another Year Another Riot

  1. Anyway, welcome to the future. The flying cars are coming any day now.

    I’ve been waiting for 67 years now. I reckon one more won’t hurt. Much.

  2. Roll on flying cars – can’t wait! As long as they are powered by some earth-friendly kind of power..

    As for the 2000s – I like to think of them as the 0h-ohs!

    (I’m going to Stumble this.. Can you do the same for one of mine? Thanks!)

  3. Electrons are most definitely not red. They bear a matte, metallic, grey hue, and the large, dignified minus signs printed on them are black.

  4. RBH: I’m not sure I want the flying cars any more. Maybe we have enough problems.

    ladyFi: I shall stumble you.

    Tor: Now that’s just silly talk!

  5. When you figure out that reality is just a bunch of false assumptions, then you can see how futuristic a 21 speed bicycle is…flying cars….:~D…..its archaic enough that they roll… or maybe the decade of doom is upon us and it’s time to pull my hair out, it won’t fall out on it’s own, and this grooming ritual is older that I feel

    Merrily, merrily, merrily

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