Happy Blogday Number 3

So today is my 3rd blog anniversary. Over the last 3 years I have spewed forth on whatever topics have been on my mind. I have dragged you all into discussions involving Sweden, toilets, penises, drugs and getting lost, and have somehow convinced myself that I am still “anonymous”. Yeah, right.

3-badgeI have met through my blog a wide variety of excellent people, both in person and in electronic form, and managed to convince girls, using my seductive writing, that I am smart and funny and am probably no slouch in the sack.

So all in all, not a waste of time. 346 posted articles and 2500 comments and I have still not lost the taste for throwing my life open twice a week like some kind of ramshackle museum for the free amusement of strangers.

And why am I still doing it? Well, to feel that I belong to this great community of people, to boost my ego, and to give myself a creative outlet with fast feedback.

And this year sees the start of new effort. Along with LadyFi, I will soon be kicking off a blog carnival for expats, that is, people who don’t live in the same country as they were brought up in. It will be called “Strange Shores” and I hope to send off the first edition in January. More info will come shortly–just keep alert, and don’t hesitate to mail me, dear expat readers, if you want in.

So here’s to 3 years–amazingly enough, I’m still pleased to be here.

/ paddy

11 thoughts on “Happy Blogday Number 3

  1. Congrats! Judging from your recent posting frequency, you have had too much success in said sack.

    Funny, my 3-year blogiversary was just over a week ago.

  2. I’m pleased that you are here too, since I’m.. well.. reading your blog. Congrats! I think I’m in on my fourth year soon, but with about 10 comments and I have switched blogs a few times :D

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