An Expat Plea

As if I already hadn’t enough to do, I have decided, along with ladyFi, to kick off a blog carnival. To those of you who don’t know what a blog carnival is, I can only extend my pity and a nod in the direction of wikipedia.

As mentioned, the blog carnival will be called “Strange Shores” and will be focused exclusively on expats, people who, like me, live in a country in which they weren’t raised. People who scratch their heads at things that the natives take for granted and will never, ever get rid of their terrible accent.

Note: expat = expatriate, also known as “immigrant”.

strangeshoresI have done my research and found no active expat blog carnival, but quite a few aborted attempts. And all of them had one thing in common: a total lack of humour.

“Strange Shores” will request—no, require—that you can look at your situation with humour and take the piss out of yourself as much as you take it out of your host country.

No cringing philosophy, no longing for the old land, no feeling sorry for yourself. Just a warm cynicism, a raised eyebrow and an ability to find the oddness in every day things.

Here’s the plan: the first edition will go out here on my blog on Sunday January 11. The carnival will then go out every 2 weeks after that, on Sunday since it’s easy to remember. The schedule and other info will be posted here:

Mail:  strangeShores(at)gmail(dot)com

So if you are an expat with a relevant article, or if you find one somewhere on another expat blog, just mail the link to me, or else drop a comment below.

And it’s tough to find blogs specifically written by expats, so if you follow such a blog and can recommend it, then please let me know about it!

Or, if you fancy yourself as a future host, then step right up!

And the payback for doing this? Hits and google juice, baby–as much google juice as you can drink.

/ paddy

22 thoughts on “An Expat Plea

  1. Will be putting up a post calling for links later on today! Perhaps we should organize themes later on?

  2. American in Norway: Welcome on board! Sure, send some links. Funny ones would be good, but also feel free to complain about Norwegians. Everybody should get a little toasting!

    Dot-Com: Great – send me something!

  3. I grew up in Nenagh but due to a series of events too complicated to go into, I now find myself living in Tullamore.
    Does this count? I do have lots of good stories.
    P.S. I am gay

  4. Hi Paddy, sounds good, don’t know how much humour on demand I can produce, but I have some material on my host nation as you may well have guessed.
    I’ll be in touch.

  5. Joshua D: If you’ve got some good stuff, then send it in! As for your sexuality, that doesn’t bother me.

  6. How do you want material submitted? Email? I take it you’ll take ideas from the snippets of content to compile to a blog article, or?

  7. I used to be an expat myself, but no longer. However, there is a woman with my name (I don’t mind that) who has a fabulous blog (I’m bitter about that though) and I recommend you contact her. She is hysterically funny about the Belgians – Guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

  8. Hi Paddy! I saw your comment on Marie from Sweden’s page (the herring girl). I am a Canadian ex pat now living in the Uk these past 8 years now. Looking forward to your carnival!!

  9. I’ve been an expat for almost 7 years, and now we’re moving back home. I’ve written about the UK, South Africa, and Poland… and will soon be writing about, uh, Chicago (almost like Poland!). If you’d include me in your next posting, I’d be honoured. Thx

  10. TheSwedeLife: I’m very sorry, but I missed your message. Please send something for the next carnival!

    marie: Hope you enjoyed it.

    Archaeogoddess: Sorry, a little too late. Please send it in for the next one, in 2 weeks.

    expateek: Indeed! Just send in your link next week when I give the signal to start submitting.

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