Strange Shores #3

Spring is the cruellest season. Mostly because, in Sweden, it takes forever to come.

daffodilWhen I were a lad in Ireland, the spring came in February, and my dad always presented the first daffodils to my mum before Valentines Day. In Sweden, the spring makes a brief appearance in March and then, like a nervous rabbit, darts back down its hole until early May.

You can choose to pass the dark months in the Swedish way by training your arse off, getting light therapy, finishing that novel, making soup, baking bread, catching up on all seasons of Battlestar Galactica, or simply winging it to the old Swedish colony of Thailand.

But nothing lights up the dark post-winter days like the ramblings of Internet egomaniac expats like myself. Why wallow in your own sorrows when you can wallow in other peoples, and for free?

So here comes this weeks batch of articles, all lovingly hand-picked from various corners of the web (mostly because you people don’t send me your articles like you are supposed to, so I have to do the work for you. But really, its OK, just don’t let it happen again).

LadyFi goes to Malmö and shares a few words with a very special building indeed. And it doesn’t at all look like a twisty penis, so it doesn’t.

Charlotte, our South African corespondent based in Germany, does my job for me and presents her own carnival full of links to interesting blogs. And she even refers to me, and everything becomes interconnected and complicated, in a “she knows that I know that she knows” kind of way.

Niamh, an Irish lass living in London, is a well-established food blogger. And while her blog does not tell us much about life in London, other than where the best restaurants are, it’s a goldmine for exciting recipes and comfort food. Start here with her top recipes of 2008 and, for the love of Dawkins, make sure you try this one when the rhubarb season comes around again.

Rottin’ in Denmark is having a spot of bother on the airyplanes. Will he ever make it back to his beloved Denmark? Oh wait, he did. Damn, there goes the tension.

Patti aka PiNG shares with us the intricacies of silverware in Denmark. Yes, it IS more complicated than you think.

Expat Abroad gives us some life-saving tips on keeping warm in the Middle East. I never imagined that this would be so much of a problem, but it apparently is.

Po, the South AFrican Sea Monkey, gives some priceless advice on cleaning toilets and training men. Can we be trained? Now I didn’t know that.

American in Norway cheers up the dreary Scandinavian winter with some nice photos of the world’s luckiest country. I mean, come on, oil, hydropower and now thorium? What’s next for Norway, kryptonite?

Jaywalker of Belgian Waffle shares with us some of the joy and ketchup of having wee ones.

And so it comes to me. And what have I been up to lately? Complaining about toilets, of course. As well as making insightful remarks about the social networks of divorcees in Sweden.


So that’s it. Hope you found something you don’t despise. If I have forgotten anybody, then tough, since if you want to be included then try SENDING ME SOME LINKS next time. Hmm? Am I right? Well, am I?

Honestly, some people…

/ paddy


8 thoughts on “Strange Shores #3

  1. Ooh thanks for the link again, I didn’t send anything this time because I feel like a bit of a link hog.

    I could host a “Strange Shores”. What exactly do I have to do? Just advertise it on my blog?

  2. Po: The first commandment of blogging – thou can never get enough exposure. But please feel free to host! All you have to do is pimp it on your blog the week before, and then write a little article like the one above, bursting with juicy links, and slap it up there. Hopefully people will send you (or me) links; otherwise you track them down yourself. And Bob’s your uncle!

  3. Love your intro to all the juicy links! Witty as usual. And so true – about spring, I mean.

    Po – if you read this, I’ll be contacting you about hosting the next carnival if you’re up to it…

  4. Hello! Thanks for the link. Very kind of you :-)

    Yes, I should rant about London more, I rant enough about everything else. Enjoy the rhubarb fool! Bring on the forced rhubarb!

  5. expat21: You’re welcome – just send the check to the usual address.

    ladyFi: Juicy is a good word. But why do I always think of candy when I hear it?

    Niamh: No bother. Anything for the forced rhubarb!

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