Before breakfast today I went to the communal (how I am beginning to hate that word) laundry room where I discovered that the three Fates had stolen my washing time.

When I asked these unpleasant ladies what they didn’t actually understand about the transparently simple electronic booking system, and why they had stolen another person’s time, I got a lot of pointing, shrugging and bad suggestions.

No apology, mind you, just oral garbage and a standard “Oh, I’m just a stupid lady, me no understand complicated things.”


So I stormed out of there and fixed another time for the evening.

And later I went out in the beautiful falling snow with H9 and we built a snowbear. When we passed the same place later we saw, as expected, that the snowbear had been pretty much destroyed.

Naturally nothing nice could be left standing if there was the smallest chance to kick the crap into it.

I love my neighbourhood, may the pit bulls cover it eternally in an ankle-deep layer of shit. But piss on ’em, because plans are afoot and soon I will very probably be out of here.

And hey, Strange Shores Number 4 is online over at Po, aka the South African Sea Monkey. Go have a look. Who would have thought we would make it to 4, eh?

/ paddy

4 thoughts on “Flakes

  1. Damn laundry ladies! I remember having the crap frightened out of me by similar women.. terrifying!

    Love the snow bear .. I’m sure it wasn’t the pit bulls who destroyed it though.

    Sounds like you and Po have something in common: you need to change neighbourhoods!

  2. Next time you should call the sexist rasists and see how they reacting. Probably they will understand totally and go and get their men….

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