A Prince of Sweden

So the world is melting down, and this is apparent even in Sweden – especially in Sweden. SAAB appears to be going under (but come on, just build cars people actually want and shut up with the complaining), the Swedish Krona is sliding against every available currency (except perhaps for the Zim Dollar and the Monopoly Pound) and people are shedding jobs like dandruff.

So what do we need to get things back in order? An appeal to save money and resources? A restructuring of the economy? A very very long Swedish meeting? Oh wait, I know! A Royal wedding!


Yes, Victoria the crown princess of Sweden has filled in the proper papers to be allowed to marry Mr. Daniel Westling, a commoner from  some terrible small town or other.

This chap, however nice he may be, appears to be really really boring. Come on now – his highest educational achievement seems to be graduating from sports school, not exactly the giddy heights of academia.

Now I have nothing personally against royalty, since I have never met any, and they have never, to my knowledge, jumped me in a queue. But the question remains – do we really need them?

People hark on about how the royalty are “ambassadors” for Sweden, but I am of the opinion that you could take the money spent on them and instead give it to a good advertising agency and get the tourist dollars flooding in.

westlingOf course there is the question of tradition, and I must admire them for this. Fashions change, and chucking the whole thing just because some grumpy people disagree with them, or we have some idealogical problem with the whole idea, is a questionable idea.

People have pointed out to me that it is actually rather impressive to have a king to welcome foreign dignitaries and to cut ribbons and hand out Nobel prizes, instead of, say, a large stuffed Elk. And I suppose can agree on this one – they are rather cute to show off to foreigners.

I think the biggest thing that can be said against the Monarchy is that they make you accept the fact that some people are better than other people. Now it’s very clear to me that some people ARE better than other people, and if you deny this then you are a naive idiot.

However, we shouldn’t really be insisting that some people are extremely important and should be pampered forever for the sole reason that they slid out of the correct vagina at some time in the past.

Also it seems to me a very cruel thing to do to the people involved. The Swedish royals will never have a normal life – they are doomed to wave at cameras, make conversation with boring professors and shake hands with idiots forever. I feel actually very sorry for them, and giving away your freedom for life is hardly worth all the perks.

Anyway, lets hope that Daniel Westling finds his place in this disfunctional family, and that his wedding doesn’t bankrupt the country. I just wonder how many Christmasses the newly-joined families will be spending at the grooms’ parent’s place in Ockelbo, and who will carve the turkey, and which sofa the King will be asked to sleep on when the spare beds run out.

/ paddy

25 thoughts on “A Prince of Sweden

  1. Loved this post! Although coming from England, I’m used to Royalty as a figurehead and tourist attraction. Somehow it doesn’t sound quite as catchy to say come to our Banana Republic!

    I feel sorry for the Royals, but have to admit that my first reaction on hearing that Victoria was getting married was: Finally! quickly followed by: Oh bl–dy hell, there goes my tax money!

    They should finance their own wedding – after all, they’ve got plenty of dosh. I’d rather my money went to silly things like better schools, health care, creating jobs etc…

  2. Advertising agencies, a good role model for the people? A *better* role model than a modern, responsible royal house? Come on! :-)

    Sure they are pampered, but meseems they have to work hard, too.

    By the way, who would you like to rule at Baile Atha Cliath, an irish king or an english one? Who would unite Ireland the faster? :-)


  3. I hope that the royal family will spend time in Ockelbo. There is a big charm to have the King sleeping in your sofa in your small town! So I also do hope that Daniel Westlings family will run out of spare beds :)

  4. Since I am not a social democrat, It has been great having a monarchy, since I didnt wanna be represented by a fucking uneducated fat socialist called Göran Persson. But I am not proud of our royal family, they are so dull. The Danish are more glamorus, more educated and sophisticated and good looking. Our has hardley a degree and even though they have been in the best school their Swedish is not rich. And the queen who is suppose to be a language genious, she speaks worse Swedish the low educated man from Turkey on the corner of my house. And so stif (facelift and german), she had to read from a manuscript that she is welcoming Daniel to the family. And how could they get away with the nazifather of the queen and so on.

    So hopefully Daniel is bringing in some good genes, atleast he seems to be streetsmart.

  5. ladyFi: The wedding could be sponsored, maybe by Saab.

    Rolf:A “modern” Royal house? An oxymoron, surely?

    alfie:The King’s always welcome on my couch!

    H: Oh I’m sure a few other good genes have slipped in over the years, without anybody noticing…

  6. H: the Danish Royals more Glamorous and Educated??? All right,yes to the last bit at least. But they do nothing but fly around in helicopters, take parachuting classes and wave + cut ribbons. And breed.
    What a waste of education…

    And Paddy – there’s nothing to be sorry for them for. They are actually free to abdicate should royal life not suit them…

  7. Christina: Yeah, there have been some scandals there, but the 2 princes, or 3 are have military degrees, so its normal to do action stuff. Our prince wont cause any scandal for sure….but, but, they are MEN. And among that testosterone they have 4 degrees, married good women, speak French, Swedish, English, Danish, German(talanted), Spanish and some Färöiska fluently. The queen is a very famous artist and the prince is a french duke with a own castle and wineproduction. Our royal family would never have gotten in to “the diplomacy program” most of the university courses and design schools without privileges. They claim that they have dyslectic diagnoses, but Einstein and many other sucessful people got that….

    Sigvard Bernadotte and Bertil have really done something. And maybe Prince Eugene, but with our king its stop despite the frech genes of the gueen. To their defence.they are totally harmless and cheap comparing to othere royal courts, only 10 milj Euro.

  8. H + christina: I know, let’s have a TV competition, maybe a Japanese game show, where we decide who the best Royal Family is! Could be called “King of Kings” – I know I would watch it!

  9. Speaking of pathetic kings, all these hip hop artist murder in The States, when Tupac or someone got killed because he claimed he was the “King of NY”. So if you can get murdered for that reason, you are a legitim king if you claim that. So what will happen if I claim I am queen of Stockholm or Södermalm atleast? Am I a queen then?

    I think the name of the show could be “King Kong”, “The empiror of the state” “who rules” or similar.

    I would still say that the Danish does, becuase they fulfiting the title of being better than others.

  10. H, your comments are so strange. I’m Danish – apparently like you. I’m also half faroese, and can therefore testify that the queen canNOT speak faroese although one of her numerous middlenames is Brynhildur or something like that. Good for you that you’re proud of (y)our royal family and think they’re better than everyone else. But your comments are still weird.

  11. Christina, I´m actually Swedish, but have grown up in South I feel me closer to the continent, also called Europe.

    What I like about the Danish royal house is that they are human. A behavour we try to defeat in Sweden by the behavour “political correct” that is a huge treat to the democracy.
    Your royalities date models, smokes, have drinking problems, divorce but they also get bad publicity for that. And they seem to live their own life and also got godd education. And maybe the queen dosnt speak all those languages, but she speaks far more talanted than our queen who is said to be a language genious. The Danish queen is a talanted artist and got a personality and she admit she is not perfect and that she was against Fredrics marrige in the first place.
    You Danish also got Danske Folkeparti and so on, but there are maybe reasons for that and you dont deny it.

    In Sweden, common people have the same opinion about migration like common Danish and maybe a similar party will be elected next election, because normal parties refused to take those topics on the agenda.

    The Swedish royal house are paper dolls without personality. The massmedia is protecting them. The queen has done a bad face lift, is starting acting senile, has a very bad Swedish and her father was an active member in the Nazi party. She got away with it all. The princess Madeleine had a very bad boyfreind, his father was criminal and they got a way with it all. Even when Victoria had serious eating disorders the media didnt write that much, she told them after a while when someone thought she looked like a sceleton.

    So Daniel Westling is the only critisism I have heard. And thanks to the bloggworld, people start questioning things.

  12. Sorry for my written english, i get to excited when I write, and to lazy to correct my gramma and spelling.

    I just ment that noone speaks as the find about the Royal house in Sweden, because you “Simply dont do that”. And instead they get rewared for things normal people find natural like a BA of history or learning enligh and french. The uncles of the king were great thouhg, big diplomats and artists, but one of them got rid of the prince title because he married a non nobel girl. Actually Bernadotte are not nobel themselves. Jean Babtiste Bernadotte was not nobel. He was pro the revolution and Napoleon by the way before he became king in Sweden.

    To the defence. The Royal house are totally harmless and it´s good sometimes. But they are not better than us and thus no role models. The queens job against child porn is great, people donate money becuase she is the symbol of the found, but once she actually made a very clear statement about groomers.

  13. That was an interesting comment about Saab, being as I saw GM closed at under a dollar today, and there seem to be questions about whether or not it can survive.

    Expat 21

  14. Oh god, here I go again admitting bizarre things. This blog tends to do that to people. I actually like royal families, especially when they manage to produce someone glamorous. Of course I’m all for democratic rule (preferably semi-socialist of the Canadian variety) but I think royals as figureheads add a bit of je ne sais quoi (to continue the Canadian theme). I’d never open a Hello magazine or one of their ilk – female porn as Dylan Moran calls them – to read about the goings-on of the family of the Taoiseach or the Prime Minister. Mind you, the Americans are an exception there, eh? They combine country leader with royal family. I think the Kennedys started that.

  15. Certainly, I’m IN for it, the TV-contest that is. And while we’re at it – why not invite the Japanese and the Thai royal families too?
    They have to compete in ribbon-cutting contests, ridding of paparazzi-contests and – longest marriage/most offspring contests. Finally we’d get some vaule for the money…

  16. I wonder if Daniel will be subjected to the virgin test that Princess Di had to go through before her mating to Camilla’s man. And, just how would they check that?? Maybe Swedish royalty has more sense. :)

  17. Princess Victoria always had and has a very good character, so important for the Royal Family and Sweden people.

    Daniel is a real Prince that respects everyone, so important for a prince and people.

    Good Luck during all Their life together!

    Compliments to Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia!


  18. ERMA: Where have you gotten all this info from? “Daniel is a real Prince that respects everyone”? Says who? Expressen? What are your sources? What is your evidence? Or are you just telling me something that “everybody knows”? Because I don’t want anecdotes, I want facts, and you have just said absolutely nothing.

    And let them pay for their own damn wedding.

  19. Paddy:

    “And let them pay for their own damn wedding.”

    Actually, you seem to forget how much money the EU had to fork over to feed the “Celtic Tiger” – more like the Celtic Subsidy Leech – and try to drag it out of the Stone Age! An insatiable vacuum-cleaner, constantly craving European taxpayer money. Nice, uh? The mighty *Republic* of Ireland.

    Let the backwards Oirish pay for their damn “social” work/education/internship programmes!

    At least we don’t spend *foreign* taxpayer money!

  20. “The Swedish royals will never have a normal life – they are doomed to wave at cameras, make conversation with boring professors and shake hands with idiots forever.”

    I’d trade my normal life with their exciting, interesting one any time!

  21. … However, Daniel should really cut down on the gel: His hair looks like one solid block of glue. Lately he has been trying so hard to look “formal” that he resembles a maitre d’ at a posh restaurant.

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