Chicken Surprise

Currently Sweden is in the grip of a strange and unlikely epidemic – the dreaded glass-in-chicken scenario. Reports have been coming in from all over of consumers finding small chunks of glass in their chicken bits, both fresh and frozen.

freedom_chicken440The most bizarre thing about this is the complete lack of coherent information. All we hear are things like: “More glass found in chicken in some crappy little town!” or “Now glass found in restaurant!” or “Chicken pulled from shelves. Again!”

But actual analysis and discussion, apart from confused mumbling from Säpo (the Swedish FBI) about them looking into it, is missing. This is bizarre.

Is somebody putting the glass bits in chicken, and who? Is it some kind of one-off, or an organised campaign? What kind of glass is being found? Is it the same kind all over? Is is some artefact from the production process? Is it a new exciting way to slaughter chickens? Or is it sabotage, and why?

But nobody seems willing to venture an opinion. And nobody has yet claimed responsibility. Everybody suspects animal rights people, but if it is them they are going about this in a very stupid way indeed. Isn’t claiming reposibility step one of this kind of sabotage?

And if it is animal rights people, then this is the worst plan ever, since the chicken recalled and destroyed will have to be replaced by, you guessed it, the deaths of even more chickens. Chalk one up for the animal rights geniuses!

I think it’s the chickens themselves, breaking beer glasses and swallowing the shards in an attempt to shorten their miserable factory lives, Or perhaps it’s the aliens again. But whatever it is, I doubt that the strangely incurious Swedish press will find the answer any time soon.

/ paddy (your bimonthly news source)

24 thoughts on “Chicken Surprise

  1. I bought 3 kg chicken for less than 60 kr, thank you animal right activitists!!!! I can afford to eat meat this month despite my expences, yippi!

    Paddy, I don’t think terrorists are that rational even if they aim to protect animal, religious views etc, a terrorist always wants to cause fear, panic and so on in order to trash or destrub the order in the society.

    But something crushed me, maybe there have always been glas in the chicken but due to massmedia it got attention as something abnormal and people started to rapport. If it is a group of activists behind it there are for sure lots of copycats behind too. And due to the attention, this won’t be the last case of “wiered stuff in food”. Like school shootings increased after Columbine.

  2. With all the means at one’s disposal, it’s ok to use violence and sabotage to reach the purpose . Those you call terrorists and extremists are the one making history and progresses in the society. Women rights, animal rights and so on would have been impossible without those brave, radical young people.

    The end justifies the means!!!!!

  3. Dunno what’s most dangerous for consumers’ health; Glass or Hormones+antibiotics. Glass in chicken is at least tactile and easily spottable, so what’s the fuss?
    Don’t eat meat if you want to be safe or at least go organic and spend the lot of money for one chicken a month. Less is more. And lentils are cheap… cheaper than the cheapest chicken… only watch out for pebbles.

  4. Actually glass could damage your throat, stomach and intestines. And also your teeth. Hormones could affect your period and antibiotis improve but make you immune system weaker in the long term. It’s up to you which hazard game you wanna play! I wanna die with my teeth at least.

  5. As far as I understand, it’s Very Unlikely Indeed that the glass comes from the processing plant, since all glass is abolished from the production process, even unto the lamps in the ceiling – no glass.

    It’s theoretically possible that some suffering individual employee has placed pieces of glass into the packages, but even that is unlikely, since the company has had guards supervising the process for some time now. Unless you believe the guards to [insert your conspiracy theory here]… ;-)

    It could be that some individual or group has inserted the glass outside the factory. I agree that if some political group were guilty they would have bragged about it by now.

    Anyway, with all the publicity, the weirdos of the world have had more than enough time to be inspired to do it too. That could explain some of the latest reports.

    Or perhaps it’s another artistical “intrusion installation” from the famous swedish art school Konstfack, nowadays famous because they hold that all art must provoke and stretch the ethical limits.

    “the strangely incurious Swedish press”?

    What, don’t you trust our serious swedish mass media? It’s only responsible not to rat on the hard-working police force, because ratting could help the crooks to get away. It’s only responsible not to publish a lot of made up hot air conspiracy theories, frightening the populace. You just wait – at the right moment the truth will be unveiled, and then we shall all know it.

    making a feather of a hen

  6. I don’t eat meat so can only lean back and smirk rather smugly. The answer is rather obvious though: the chickens are doing it themselves – coz they want to highlight their miserable conditions, or more likely, cos they don’t want to be eaten.

    BTW – pull your bi-monthly finger out and start organizing the next Strange Shores, will ya? If you do, I promise you some glass-free pizza…

  7. H: As long as mass panic leads to us getting cheaper chicken, then let the panic roll!

    Jarvis: Are you seriously comparing women’s rights to animals rights? Seriously? Comparing people to rabbits? Oh come on. And animals don’t have “rights” in the way we have, because they don’t have responsibilities. Or pay tax. So skip it please.

  8. Righ is right Paddy! It depends on your ideology, but you can’t say people are waisting time doing sabotage. For them it matters,OK!! Maybe if it was Irish concerns you would have bottered!!!

  9. Rolf: I agree, its probably an art project. And I’m sure I’ll be seeing a dead chicken on “Efterlyst” any day now…

    ladyFi: It was you all along! I knew it. And yeah yeah, I’ll fix the carnival, I promise…

    Jarvis: Oh but I CAN say that people are wasting time doing sabotage. How many acts of sabotage turn out to have been “worthy” when looking back on them? 10% maybe? And I have all respect for people who put their lives on the line for something they believe in (as long as it does not kill anybody else) but how much courage and “ideals” does it take to randomly injure strangers by putting glass in their food? These people are fucking cowards, and nothing more.

  10. More money saving advice in the time of finance crisis. Finish the chicken and then put som glass in it. Bring the half finish chicken to the shop, you will get the money back with or without the receipt.

    I bet the whole thing is a combination of copy cat from people wanting attention and poor greedy bastards, losy drug addicts. Personally I think it’s unemployed people, drug addicts, activists and people with Münchausen by proxy syndrome, but they turn in the chicken so they can get attention and sympathy from the people in the store.

  11. H: Very cynical, taking advantage of a crisis like that. I like it! I am also suspicious of all the sudden glass making an appearance – any day now its going to be people in the crappy newspapers telling their “poor me, I found glass in my dinner” stories. And then we will get a new scare about sugar levels in chocolate or some crap like that and people will go back to chicken like the good little sheep that they are.

  12. Jarvis: No Jarvis, shame on YOU. You have managed to avoid and ignore every point I have put to you. If you want to argue and discuss, then do it, and meet my arguments with facts and logic. And I will be nice to you and argue back, like the mature people we are.

    But if you are just going to ignore everything I say, and wriggle out of everything you can’t defend, and then change the subject to avoid losing, then don’t even bother.

  13. I did Paddy! I said as much as needed, didn’t I? Your critisism is about the metods and I wrote that “The end justifies the means”.
    I am from Estonia and you could have imagine Estonia without any radical violent groups. Those groups created peace and democracy and now they are adults but they oppose the bad economy and politial crises in the whole Balticum. They don´t take shit anymore and sshow it of.

    Then I got pissed because you and the other ones in here made fun of poor people and so on. Me and my family hardley had bread during the Soviet Era and despite being a university professor my father had 3 jobs. We never stole things ever and Yes my mother had mental problem and was addicted to heavy medicin, medicine with opium bases. Did she steel anyting-the anser is NO!!!!

    I think blogs are good for democracy but use it to something useful, not your sad weekday, your silicon tits or your spoiled kids and freinds. Change the world, even if it makes you puting glass in the chicken!

  14. There are glass in sasuages too, I think it´s a way to go through bad economy and maybe a more effective way to profit on the big capitalists than destroying Mac Donald’s resturangs.

  15. “Jarvis Says: you can’t say people are waisting time doing sabotage. For them it matters,OK!”

    That’s a very all-encompassing statement. Some people want to kill jews, negros and homosexuals, because it matters to them. Does that mean that it’s okey if they do it?


  16. Jarvis: No, you avoided answering my questions is what you did. Radical violent groups are fine if you happen to agree with them, but if a democracy allows “radical violent groups” then EVERYBODY will think their views are more important than the law. And that’s when things fall apart.

    If you agree with people putting glass in chicken, Jarvis, then you are supporting terrorism. Simple and true. The same law has to apply to everybody, even to people who think that their cause is “just.”

    And I can actually use my blog for whatever I want, and don’t require your permission. If you want to change the world, then good luck and start your own blog.

  17. H: Can we get them to put glass in lamb, since I need some for Easter? Maybe Jarvis can fix it, if we ask nicely.

    Rolf: Of course it does. We all get to do what we want, and the world will be great. Isn’t that how it usually works?

  18. No, in your food I will put nitrocglycerin! I thought a blog should respect different opinions and your dosn’t. Ypur blogg is one of those contributing to a non democratic and worse world. I will now move on to someone that is more nobel.

  19. Jarvis: Oh come on. WHo said a blog should “respect opinions”? I don’t respect opinions that I think are stupid. And you shouldn’t either. Nobody should – respect is earned, not expected.

    And my blog is “non-democratic”? Oh grow up for fucks sake. Go on, find somebody more “nobel” and leave us people with a sense of humour alone. And good luck changing the world with a crappy website like this one.

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