Oh all right then…

Well it looks like I wasn’t any good as a “serious” blogger and my strengths obviously lie in being cynical and amusing. And I found myself reading my comments on this blog more than I was thinking about the other one. So maybe its time to pull a “Gandalf the White”, swallow my pride and make a dramatic re-entry.

RebirthSo: ha! Here I am again. Back by public demand, with a nice new view from my bedroom window – and, in fact, an entirely new bedroom window. Plus a new sofa, a new kitchen and a new sense of self-respect.

Life goes on and there are new things to complain about every day. And if I didn’t rise to the challenge, then who will, eh?

Who will moan about the queues in Sweden, or the telephone times, or the fact that people can be fined for not picking up dog shit but the mounted police cannot be fined for not picking up their horse shit?

And I miss all you people, and your strange opinions.

So, lots to get my teeth into. And many long summer nights on my new balcony to do it in.

The other blog will stay alive and be updated whenever I feel like it.

So hello, and nice to see you again.

/ paddy


10 thoughts on “Oh all right then…

  1. Oh, me nerves! I can’t takes da whiplash. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, dem nerves got me drove somtin’ fierce, b’y, din’ dey, ya ol’ trout? World wuz all dark ‘n arse-over till ya came back for anutter lick at da blogosphere, wha. All’s now roight wit da world again. Proper ting too, Paddy b’y. Long may yer jib draw. Lol.

  2. If you were all like that swedish “comedian” that just bitches about stuff ( the one that paces around and just -complains-. why did that guy ever get popular?) I would see why you’d get sick of it. Now you turn annoying events into fun texts. I don’t see the problem really. :D Welcome back, keep posting.

  3. You’re back! Cool! Good to see you… Now, what about pulling your finger out, increasing your stats, and getting the next Strange Shores carnival together??

  4. Glen: Shure, it’ll be luvely, so it will.

    Mathias: Thank you sir!

    Martin: I couldn’t leave out there by yourself, could I?

    ullis: Glad to see you’re still out there!

    ladyfi: Sheesh….. back to reality with a bang!

  5. I got 2 blogs to read, the most intersting people in the world are the schizofrenic ones…go on my freind i will make comments on both

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