Dali’s Dinner

salvador-dali1A favourite anecdote of mine concerns Salvador Dali, who, it cannot be denied, was a very interesting guy.

Apparently Dali liked to eat out, with large groups of friends in tow, but was not so fond of paying the bill. So he made a point of paying using a check from his checkbook and, just before handing the check over, scribbled a little drawing on the back and signed it.

And now the owner, suddenly in possession of a signed Dali, would usually just frame it and hang it on the wall and show it to his friends instead of cashing it at the bank.

He was also in the habit of giving away signed blank canvases to interesting people to help them along with their Dali forgeries, and generally just fuck with our heads.

Isn’t art just great?

/  paddy

9 thoughts on “Dali’s Dinner

  1. Well I guess nobody likes my Dali anecdotes, so I’ll just have to comment myself:

    Nice one Paddy! I peed meself I laughed so much!

  2. What? Did you loose your famous self confidence that quick? I tell you, it’s rather a case of “leaving well alone”. Or perhaps even “don’t wake the bear that sleeps”. There was simply nothing wrong to gripe about. We all agree on Dali and have nothing extra to say.


  3. You know I loved it, there are so much diversity in you head and you know I love you for that. Another anecdot is from Martisse, who use to sit in stairhouses, observing people walking by. And he made sketches from that, From people he has seen for 1 sec he could make fantastic drawings with just a few lines. He caught the movements not the faces.

  4. Dali was a marvellous and evil artist.
    I used to wear a Dali perfume (around 1989). In the hope perhaps, to be associated with the scent of mad genious…?

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