Marble Democracy

Sometimes you just have to love the US. Not often enough, but sometimes.

Like in this case: a town in South Dakota has a council election and two candidates end up with 126 votes each. So, since the town charter does not mention what to do in this situation, they turn to State law, which says that “candidates must play a game of chance to determine a winner.”

So they roll a die to determine who will be first to pick one of two marbles from a bag. Mr. Baker won the dice roll and pulled out the white (naturally) marble to win the council seat.


Maybe such an arbitrary system would be perfect in picking public officials. I know – let us take the percentage of the electorate that do NOT vote at all, or that spoil their vote, and use that percentage to appoint representatives using marbles.

For example, if 40% do not vote, then allocate 40% of the seats to the “marble pool” where any and all interested members of the public get placed. And then, once the marbles are pulled, we have full public representation!

I must be a genius.

/ paddy

5 thoughts on “Marble Democracy

  1. My own personal favorite idea is a system where you vote against politicians instead of for them — person with the fewest votes wins!

  2. well, in Denmark they make idiotic, popularistic pseudo-elections to go with the real serious political elections, in order to attract those votes that would otherwise end up in the ‘marble pool’.
    At the latest EU election they added an election for equal opportunities in the monarchy (that itself is a contradiction!), so that people had to vote for both the EU parliament AND mark x yes or no to whether or not we should change the constitution so that a girl can inherit the throne on equal(!) terms with a brother. As it is now, a girl will only inherit the throne if there is no boy-brother. But – fortunately this election gave rise to a great debate about monarchy and many ppl. voted blank in protest, and never before have people been so critical abt. the monarchy. About time we woke up… But then again – no need for marbles…

      • He’s not your boyfriend, though, is he? And this is not exactly the correct post. If you are younger than 12 I forgive you. Otherwise do me a favour and stay off the drugs.

  3. DrDan: I love it! So the person with the least advertising may actually lose because of it.

    christina: I am trying hard to think of a joke about the King losing his marbles but I’m coming up blank…

    Helena p: Now Arnold has great marbles!

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