Michael Jackson RIP

No, it’s not funny at all, is it?


We should probably all put on that copy of “Thriller” and stop laughing.

I’ll miss the poor sod.

/ paddy


34 thoughts on “Michael Jackson RIP

  1. Anon: I bet you do.

    Glen: I’m mostly sorry for Farrah Fawcett, who will not get any mourners at all because of MJ. Bad death timing.

  2. I also thought about Farrah Fawcett. She was alone there on the tabloids for 2 h and then “MJ to hospital” and then “MJ died” and then “The best 10 songs, blogg about your best MJ-memory and so on”.

  3. Paddy: “I’m mostly sorry for Farrah Fawcett, who will not get any mourners at all because of MJ. Bad death timing.”

    Yes, I was thinking the same thing but she’ll still have mourners. The sick fact is that Michael Jackson’s circus-like life is just too great a temptation for the media to not exploit, and that inevitably means that people like Farrah Fawcett who lived a relatively less outlandish lifestyle get tossed aside by the low-attention-span, ghoulish pop-culture.

    Then again, I suppose we’re being ghoulish comparing one death with another. I’ll make sure to repent at a local church, synagogue, temple or government office, whichever is closest. ;o)

  4. Jeff G is still alive.. However, it seem as if MJ really is dead. Heavens – two childhood idols dead on the same day… How could I forget MJ – and, of course, farrah?

  5. Ghoulish practices? You just wait. Another week and all the “Best of…” cd packages will come. Then the documentary, including the juicy behind the scenes, the making of, et ce te ra, ra, ra. And finally, the low priced packages at the gasoline stations…

    I was surprised to hear that he died. It’s a pity that the stars die young. Imagine what they could have done if they lived a good personal and professional life instead. Fer chrissakes, the guy was just a few months older than meself. And I’m alive and kicking, expecting to hunt the beautiful young nurses (PYT:s in Jacko parlance) to exhaustion at the home for the terminally old at the ripe old age of ninetyfour…


  6. Helena P: Yip, dying on the wrong day sucks.

    Glen: The Media should be slowly boiled over beezlenut oil.

    ladyFi: Given Jeff and MJ I would take Jeff.

    Rolf: Not all stars die young – most just become embarrassing.

    kimber: Then prove it – and stop talking like a crazy woman!

  7. MJ has got to be the most tragic example of the fact that no matter how many people love you – in his case, a few billion? – if you don’t love or like yourself, you’re screwed.

  8. Michael Jackson is a sweet caring man that didnt deserve 2 die this young! i feel bad 4 Farrah dont get me wrong but Michael just……. well…….. outshone her when it came 2 fame!!!!!!!!! i luv michael and have been a fan since the age 0f 9 now i am 12 and it feels like i have lost a family member! RIP MICHAEL AND FARRAH U SHALL LIVE 4EVER IN OUT HEARTS!

  9. PaddyK; UR WELCOME I FEEL VERY SORRY FOR HIM AND HIS WHOLE FAMILY ESPECIALLY HIS KIDZ!!!!! i have been a fan 4 soooo long and it hurts!!!! he really didnt deserve 2 die!

  10. i can’t belive, you is gone michael -.-
    come back too os. you was everything, you’r music was the bedst ..
    you are in my heart michael josephy jackson !!
    we all love you, now and for ever !!

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