Shirt Pirates of Summer

This week things are running at very low steam. The majority of my workmates are away on vacation, or in that other city, or even sick with the wonderful vomiting bug. This gives the idle worker plenty of time to think, sitting in the badly air-conditioned office while the sun scorches the world brown outside the window.

For example: What do we want? Where are we going? How do we get there? Who do we take with us? How do we KNOW when we have gotten there? And at what stage do we turn back if “there” wasn’t really the place we believed it was?

84492403_1And should I do something about the guy I bought this shirt from on Tradera, the Swedish eBay?

I mean, he advertised the shirt as “äkta”, meaning real. And then when the package arrived it had obviously come from China (the clue being the big fat Chinese import sticker). And a little googling swiftly showed that it was indeed a fake.

Now the shirt was cheap, I grant you, but the quality sucks, and if you advertise something as “real” then it bloody better be real. (Whatever “real” means in this situation.)

So should I report the dude, possibly a bad idea given his obvious underground connections and the fact that he (literally) knows where I live?

Or should I do like the rest of the morons who gave the guy good feedback on Tradera and  just let it be?

Given my state of mind at the moment, I think option 2 will win more or less by default.

But feel free to comment anyway. You know I like it when you comment.

/ paddy

16 thoughts on “Shirt Pirates of Summer

  1. You tell him and give him bad reviews!!!! Or buy one in the shop and the turn the faked back;-)

  2. I think you should read the new cartoon magazine Arne Anka. See him hype the irish, ditch everything swedish, totally blow his top, and get thrown out of a swedish irish pub. Then emulate. I’m not too sure you can top that… :-)


  3. The sign-former known as: I like your mysterious advice, even with its original spelling. That sounds like a plan, but the fake is such a bad fake that nobody would ever believe it.

    Rolf: What the hell are you going on about? Is this even slightly relevant to this shirt story?

  4. ” What the hell are you going on about? Is this even slightly relevant to this shirt story?”

    Well, yes. Partly. I did get some Arne Anka vibes from the “What do we want”, et c. And partly because I didn’t manage to find your mail adress at the very moment, so I couldn’t mail you privately. I really think you should read that magazine. It has its moments of fun.


  5. But then I suggest you to go back with the faked one and tell the store that they sold a faked on and suit them or similar;-)

  6. Rolf: Aha! I have not read much of Mr. Anka but maybe I should.

    The sign: I doubt it, they’d probably send some guys over from Scotland to do me over.

  7. Give him the thumbs down! i.e. negative feedback.. if he gets more than one, then he is thrown off Tradera for a week.

    I got ripped off a couple of weeks ago myself.. first time ever mind you in many many years.

  8. Fake shirt? I would give you some advice but how do I know that you’re the real Paddy K? You might be an imposter imported from a sweatshop in Thailand where they turn out Paddy K lookalikes nineteen to the dozen.

  9. If a Somalian man is seized by the international anti-pirate force, but by mistake, he must be a pirate copy;-)

  10. The sign: That’s probably the worst joke I ever heard.

    ladyFi: He got many negatives, but he’s still there.

    Around My Kitchen Table: You’ll have to trust me, just look at my fine stitching!

  11. Re. the comment from Around the kitchen table and your own reply, Patrick: I know that there in fact exists a very well made replica of you. Saw it on your fb picture. But at least he’s made (partly) by yourself. Seems like a far higher quality replica than that Chinese t-shirt.

  12. christina: Yes, he’s fairly good quality. In fact, he’s probably an improvement.

    Jesus: You are hilarious. And so is Alex Schulman. Bloody hilarious.

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