The Queers

The Stockholm Pride festival starts today, probably the only event remaining in Sweden these days where you can see bare female breasts, police with moustaches and people wearing chaps in public.

There will also undoubtedly be some fuckwits out there. These fuckwits include people who worship the cannibalistic invisible space god, and those who imagine that dressing up in English clothing and shouting about dead German dictators somehow makes them more “Swedish” than other people. These groups hate the queers, you see – they bloody well hate them.

SNNPictureNow I see why the fans of imaginary space gods may hate queers, since a confused and contradictory ancient storybook told them to. Fair enough. And the hairless stomping ones see queers as “weak” or “unnatural”, so again, fair enough (although apparently there’s nothing unnatural about shaving your head and ranting all day in a foreign language).

But what I can’t understand is the queer-haters in the general population. Now I admit to having been, in my life, guilty of racism, since it’s hard to avoid stereotypes when you meet new kinds of people. And sexism, yeah, I have probably been guilty of that at some stage too. And most of the rest of the isms also. But I have to admit that I really just don’t get homophobia. Not on any level. It just confuses me.

Why do “hard” men get angry at queers? Are they afraid they will “cone onto” them? And if they do, can’t they take it as a compliment and say no? Or is it that they are afraid of being “infected” by them in some way, by turning “sissy”?

Well I think that straight men should rejoice over the existence of gay men. First of all it gives your women somebody to hang out and shop with, relieving you of the chore. Also It makes you look even more macho than you are by comparison. And the best one – it increases your choice of women, since the women only have sex with the straight men. A win-win situation, I would think.

But no. The moronic minority keep on spewing their shite, usually backed up, as mentioned earlier, by a magic book or two.

How can you be so enraged by what other adults choose to do with their penises? How does people showing love for each other make your tiny little head pulse red with rage? And how can you be so pissed off by the way somebody else chooses to live that you would actually hurt or even kill them for it?


I shake my head in bafflement. All we can hope for is that the gay population (about 5% of us) will soon outnumber the religious population. And it’s already happening, as their churches empty, their “leaders” and “teachings” are discredited, their arses are sued for child molestation and people begin to see all their magic books for what they actually are – the manic ramblings of very very dead people.

Some of whom, judging by the beards, sandals, pastel-coloured robes and love-your-fellow-man teachings, were very probably raging queens. So suck on that, bible-boy.

/ paddy


20 thoughts on “The Queers

  1. yup, chances are some of the contributors to the Good Book were gay. But, I’m thinking that some of those redneck boot-stompin kind are jealous cause there’s so little action in thier own bedrooms…

  2. We all have phobias that other people can’t understand and we don’t wanna or can solve by ourselves. I think you shoul concider hatred as a phobia. And phobias are never rational. Scared of an ant, rat, relationships, white stripes…!!!!!! How we are relating to eachoter it’s even less rational. Most people adopt a passive attitude when they don’t understand or get scared, but some people totally freak out and kick someones ass or avoid that person or group instead. From a amusing point of view your blog is briliant, but don’t concider all action as rational, we do have wars and religions because we need to react our fear and basic needs!

  3. Piggy in Helsinki: Very good points! However I long ago abandoned hope that people are rational. And if they were, I would have noting to write about any more!

  4. Spot on! Most people don’t have insight. We are counting on that all people are educated and thoughtful. Even in our well developed part of the world. Go to north of Finland, people who are in EU, can read, have a buisness are as primitive as someone in an African country or similar. Don’t trust politicians, the urban people… And even us, urban, educated people are not rational. We are lonley, we don’t say hello to anyone and we do also have stereotype-thinking. But we have a more sophisticated vocabulary, we can bake in all the words in a nice calzone and make people eat it. And we go and see a schrink instead, because we don’t understand ourselfs and have to analyze everything instead of being greatful and just live, maybe accept that we are primitives.

    I know this is far from your blog now, but I think overal people can’t talk, they don’t let others in and hence they are not tolerant and make stereotypes. There should be a “love-parade” for hetrosexuals too. The rights to love, but the inability to handle it. Should the state pay for the therapy mabybe?

  5. I’m gonna let you in on a secret, boys and girls:

    Jesus himself was gay!

    Yes! It’s true. He spent every day with 12 men afterall and didn’t have a real father. Damn that slacker Joseph!! He should have taught him baseball and then maybe those homophobic Roman heteros wouldn’t have come along and nailed him to that wood. Praise gay Jesus, praise the “Gay Lord”. Lol.

    Oh oh. Maybe I’ve shared too much…

  6. They need to put the blame on somebody else for their own gripes and shortcomings, and their own lack of professional honesty. And this goes for a lot of things, not only the queers. Look at how people treat the romani (the gypsies) in Hungary, for instance. Even killing kids, fer chrissakes!


  7. Well, I think men want to hang out in group much more than women drink togheter and gang-bang and if someone is sticking out, hell with him. It’s very paradox that are more tolerant to men in the group than women, who are haning 2 and 2 and don’t let others in. So men are acutally very paradox in gerneral, even Jesus Glen.

    Piggy: It’s true we very much react on fears, and not always rationally. Beating up someone because of the sexuality is so primitive. I don’t think all homophobes, xenophobes belive that the will end up gay or that arabs will take over. But we are always in all situations reacting on an instinct and maybe it´s not what we actually are afraid of, but beating up a fag or shoot at our freinds calm that panic down, but not in long terms.

  8. Glen: Heh heh, you said “nailed”. And “wood”. Nice.

    Rolf: Do homophobes have “a lack of professional honesty”? I just MUST find out what magazines you are reading.

    The sign: Don’t knock Jesus Glen! He’s the man to ask about these things, nudge nudge.

    • “Do homophobes have “a lack of professional honesty”?”

      A lot of people don’t care to be really honest in relation to themselves. Not only homophobes, but all kinds of people. “I slammed the door, and it kicked back in my face. Nasty door! I didn’t apply for that job, and my work-mate (who *did* apply) got the job. Nasty mate!”

      It’s a “one-size-fits-all” kind of excuse to put the blame on others. If you walk down the street and meet a drunk, he says “Get out of my way, you bloody bugger!”. If you’re at the pub and don’t want to show your dick to the other guys at the communal pee gutter but instead queue up for the toilet they say “Wanna get a beating, you bloody bugger!”. Try complaining? Then you are a bugger!

      This kind of “thinking” simply isn’t honest. And what’s worse, It Isn’t Professional ™. No matter that you are certified straight, with eight women and fourteen kids on record, you are still a bloody bugger.

      I’m beginning to believe that this has nothing to do with homosexuals, but everything to do with these crazies who want to put the blame on others, so as to get an excuse to beat others up. If there were no homosexuals, you would very soon hear them scream “It’s the fault of the nigras! It’s the fault of the bloody women, who don’t stay chained to the stove and bear my children! It’s the fault of the bloody Finns!!!”.

      (Just for the sake of the record, I don’t give a damn whether people are homosexuals or not.)


  9. They say that Jesus wasn’t just ‘nailed’ and stuck to that ‘wood’ for **three days**, but he was also ‘well hung’. And if that wasn’t enough, they say he ‘rose again’ afterwards! Now we know why so many people still call him a god. Ron Jeremy, eat your heart out. Lol.

  10. Glen: The first mention of football in the bible? When Jesus went up for the cross.

    The sign: get yourself a wordpress account (or a wordpress blog) and be sure that you are logged in when you comment on other wordpress blogs. Then your pic will appear.

  11. You kept the one with -ck not -c. I ment to write pic not pick, which means dick in Swedish. But I guess it would do a well, but not by getting an account, would it?

  12. Ah, don’t get me started on football. The very combination of those two words, “foot” and “ball”, conjure up many images. I guess, come to think of it, the butchest most homophobic things in life, tend to be ironically the queerest. Imagine that! Lol. There’s no escape from the birdcage, no escape, hehehe.

  13. The Sign: I’m not sure what you mean really. Log into your wordpress account, go to your profile and upload an image. Then when you comment it will appear.

    Glen: And the first mention of long-jumping? When Jesus cleared the temple.

  14. Sf pride week 2010

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    • What, are the saying that the “San Francisco Gay Pride Celebration” occurred in SAN FRANCISCO?!? No!!!

      Dude, try reading a blog before spamming it, you moron.

      And E-MAIL is the best way to reach you? I was just about to send a carrier pigeon…

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