Warning! Danger! Commies!

So I know I promised some further Catholic school stuff. And chill people, it’s coming. In a bit. But it’s been a busy week of working overtime and going to IKEA to spend the money I earned from working overtime, plus giving the nice people at The Dubliner their fare share of said overtime just for being all Irish and stuff. So I’ll keep this short.

Here is a poster I spotted near my job.

Image242It’s for the youth wing of the Swedish socialist party Vänsterpartiet, or, “The Left Party” (I love Swedish political party names, they’re just so wickedly inventive!)

Anyway the “Young Left” want to warn us of the dangers of too many cameras in society. And to make this point they say: “Do you want it like in Soviet Russia? Stop the surveillance society!”

Um, OK. So which substantial party in Sweden is the one that most wants the country to be like the USSR? Oh wait, I know – the Left Party! And specifically the Young Left, who represent the wacked-out extreme wing of their parent grouping and, despite their occasional claims to the opposite, still have a distinctly hammer-and-sickle thang going on.

The Left Party, you see, is the last hiding place of communist supporters within mainstream Swedish politics, and indeed until 1990 was officially called “Left Party – Communists”. So the question is, who designed this poster? A very VERY ironic person, an animal-rights stone-bitin’, boot-stompin’ feminist, or a complete and utter moron?

Well I shall allow you to draw your own conclusions. Because you all know what I think, don’t you?

/ Comrade paddy


9 thoughts on “Warning! Danger! Commies!

  1. Dear Comrade,

    I love the irony of this poster! Fantastic… someone, somewhere has a wicked sense of humour.

    Of course, the Young Left might be trying to make a point by saying that even with the Right Party in power, it is still very much ‘left-wing-surveillance-ish’.

    Comrade Fi (I don’t think that Lady Fi would still be alive in communist times…)

  2. I also like that they don’t have just the home page adress, but the specific “/antiracism” on there.

    What does antiracism have to do with surveillance?

  3. OR Melling – I always suspected that! I think they had designed them for Leprechauns to sit in, but then there was a strike and they all bailed out. A very Irish solution to surveillance, though – I like it!

  4. Apparently they are against people who wants a democratic and open society. I’m very surprised how they can get away with being so paradox all the time.

    The left wings in Sweden are the ones who has committed most sabotage against the right-wing-parties during elections etc and thus the democracy.
    I know it doesn’t necessarily means The Left Party but that party, especially the youth association always defend all kind of action from the whole left wing , including violence. While the right-wing refuses to rule with and always take a stand against ultra conservatives, nationalists and new-nazi movements (right-wing). The atmosphere in the society is vey creepy. We have discussed the horrible crimes made by the fascists but the staff on the centre for “Living history” in Sweden have refused to do the same about the communists as well, since they are left. That’s why people defending the democracy can have a hammer-and-sicklea on their t-shirts, but not a swastika.

    The seeking for an identity and group belonging is so strong that they always buy a whole concept and don’t care being paradox. Mixing nostalgia and modern issues is very tricky. You have to care for the labours rights(but who are they today, the one in the union), free immigration (but immigrant might do the job cheaper and then a conflict will appear with the labour). They talk about freedom but for whom? They believe legislation solves all issues and are against the private sector. So it means if immigrants can’t get into the public sector labour market, they can’t start their own business. And companies can’t hire the people they want or fire people they don’t need or screw things up.

    And left-wing-people always seem to lack basic skills of economy. Inflation what is that? And the leader of the Left Party, Lars Ohly wants to be the next Minister of Finance. He thinks that Cuba is a good role model. So what will he do his first day then, start a money press??? Because we need lots of money that would subsidise free public transport, free education, free healthcare, free apartments on attractive addresses, free everything, especially now when lots of people don’t work and the people crating jobs in their business are the enemies, the capitalists.
    Hence everything has to be free, and the labours rights its worth to defend, but you don’t necessarily need to work to get a good life and be labour, because tax from the capitalists and the money press and maybe some depts from other countries will subsidise the paradise!
    So of course free down loading it is. It’s so bourgeois to pay for something! Let’s sacrifice the idea of the “Big-brother-society” because we sort of supporting anarchy as well, it’s left too!

    The attitude is that people that are good people are left and bad egoistic ones are right. How can we deal with that?

    I saw a demonstration on Södermalmstorg, Stockholm the other day. Hundreds of Iranians protested against the election and the spokesman was an Iranian woman from the Left Party. And she took the advantage of the situation, one year before the election. And according to her it was our governments fault because they still do business with Iran and refuse to close the embassy. Well, most business with Iran is actually made by Iranians in other countries importing stuff, and cutting off the communication even with a dictator hasn’t been successful ever. And can a small country like Sweden influence the whole government in Teheran? Isn’t it better to stick together, both wings and the whole EU (that the Left party is against)???

  5. H: Anarchy isn’t necessarily left, Cuba isn’t necessarily as bad as you think and downloading isn’t socialist, it’s the obvious next step in a digitally networked society. And by the way, I’M the only person allowed to rant like that around here! This is MY rant platform! And if I can’t win then I’m going home!

  6. I was sarcastic. Most people consider anarchy to be a left-winged ideology. It’s a huge difference between the philosophy and the history. Chomsky is a fantastic anarchistic liberal philosopher/linguist. And opposing hierarchy and central power is also attractive for people who are pro the free market etc.
    But historically, anarchy that has influenced the Swedish society is linked to the labour movement and collective thinking. You are suspicious to the modern society that is profiting and taken away the freedom of the individuals, but you are not liberal. It’s totally meanless to go back to the orgins of liberalism, marxism, socialism etc. because it’s not how it has been during history. Socialism comes from liberalism and anarchism too. But I’m talking about the young “left-wing-youth” in Sweden of today. They are just against the society and want something better, they want things to be radical and at once. I’m not sure they thought Soviet was the best example and most of them grow up after the fall. But it’s something romantic about revolutions etc. And here come the longing for group identity and the concept. And lots of symbols and Che t-shirts can be provided at once.
    But the Left-party-association call themselves communisms and do want all the companies, banks etc to be own by the state. And they can at the same time claim that Soviet Union wasn’t really communism according to Marx. But us liberals can never claim that we want an open market and more freedom for the individuals without getting the lacks of the American economy pushed down in our throats by the left people. Another unfair example of “left is good and right is evil”.

    Well, Cuba is one of the poorest countries in the world. And most of their healthcare has been financed in 40 years by international organizations like UN and the Red Cross. I’m aware of the trade embargos and the fall of the Soviet union, but even when Cuba had trade with the East part of the world, they still suffered from a huge financial deficit. So given the poorest better condition through relation of food, medicin an electricy in the 70’s doesn’t mean that the model works. Yeah, you can blame US or look at similar communisms system in the world that might work because they are sponsored by the drug cartels.

    I never said I oppose downloading. But I am pro a system that gives money to the artist as well, otherwise they will stop producing. But those lef-winged kid want everything for free and take what they want. They make shop-lifting, free down loading, gate-crashing into political actions, because they are in fact lacking an ideology that make sense stealing and using violence.

    Sorry for ranting, I promise I won’t again.

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