A Puzzle in My Sink

The last few weeks I woke most mornings to find a strange lump of congealed  goo in my kitchen sink.

Image139It was clear and very sticky, having the consistency of glue, and no bigger than a coin. I washed it away the first few times but then, as it turned up more and more, started to wonder what the hell it was. And what it wanted.

Was the kid playing a trick on me? Were the degus escaping from their cage and making offerings to their god? Was some disgruntled (or possibly even gruntled) ex-employee making their way in when I was in work and screwing with my head?

I really had no idea.

But then, a few days ago, the answer dawned on me and I realised what it was.

I would show you a photo but that would maybe give the game away, and anyway I don’t have one. Oh wait, now I do, and there it is. See?

So what was it, my lovely readers? The first with the correct answer will win karma, pride, kudos, brownie-points and other diffuse measures of achievement and acclaim.

/ paddy

45 thoughts on “A Puzzle in My Sink

  1. Wallpaper glue? An egg that keeps coming back for more of that firey irish lovin’? You been up at night, showing your love for the sink? Damn I can’t think of anything else.

    • Got the degus last week, and I remembered that you had some. Actually, I had a dream about you that reminded me that you had some. So, give me tips! And no, not cod liver oil.

  2. Hey, isn’t anybody else guessing any more? Are you letting Piggy hog the show? Heh heh, “hog” the show…

    Anyway now there is a photo, so off you go then.

  3. Degus:
    If they are quite young, handle them as much as possible for the first few months, I’ve got two groups of three degus, the first lot are much easier to interact with because we got them as pups, and handled them a lot (hint, they like sleeves, just a degu tunnel to your armpit really). The other lot are rescues from a pet shop – full of character but don’t like being picked up
    The other thing (which you probably know) is that they are really prone to diabetes, so NO sugar whatsoever – I used to go thru the food and remove raisins by hand until I found a couple of good degu and Guinea Pig food mixes with no dried fruit.

    Sink Gloop:
    Grease from the spindle of a blender or something similar? (actually that sounds fairly unlikely – how much grease can one of these things have in it?)

    • Thanks for tips! We are trying to handle them as much as possible, although the armpit is a whole new area. And I know about the sugarstuff, have downloaded lots of degu info.

      Nope! Not grease at all in fact.

  4. Hi Paddy,
    This latest posting of yours reminded me of the Vogon poetry in The Guide (or HHGTTG) you know Douglas Adams…

    “Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Afternoon”

    The posting may also compete for a position in the absolutely hilarious The Dullest Blog in the World http://www.dullestblog.com/ (No seriously, I recommend reading it, especially the comments).

    My guess is that someone sneezed in your sink :)

  5. a piece of a “plastic” bag for fruits made of potato starch? Or maybe a piece of kitchen paper or a piece of that bag for recycling organic houshold waste?

  6. Ok, ok, I will tell you. H got very very close, but not all the way.

    You see I discovered that the little tabs I used in my dishwasher had a water-soluble plastic wrapping. Now before I knew this, I used to rip off the little bag and throw it in the sink every night before putting the machine on. And during the night the little bag would absorb the few drops of water in the sink and turn into a gluey mess, which I would find and get puzzled by in the morning.

    You are supposed to put them in the machine with the bag left on.

    So there you go – my sad tale of dishwasher ignorance.

  7. Dah, a company that wanna supply the best alternatve and hence win the market wouldn invent such a stupid thing as a removble plastic thing on the tab.

    I overrated you…

    • I guess it always pays to read the small print. And I don’t recall anybody telling me about this either, even those who have used dishwashers before, so I suppose it is quite a new invention.

  8. AArgh, should have guessed – we use those too, although my embarassing moment was putting one with a real plastic wrapper in the dishwasher (luckily MrsDrD spotted it before I started it up.

  9. Sorry… but not everybody knows you have a dishwasher. And DrDan, those you should take away are quite obvious.
    Ok, I shut it, I don’t even have one….

    • I don’t think they are SO obvious, they’re just a bit softer. And why can’t there be a standard for things like this? Surely the EU would have fixed that by now.

  10. Darn.. I was so sure it was alien gloop from the drain aliens! Very very expensive to use those tab-thingies.. much better and cheaper to use powder that you pour out of a box…

  11. Yeah, I was going to say, look on the edge of the store shelf for the estimated cost per wash for the tabs versus the powder (“Jämförpris”). It’s horrendously expensive: if memory serves me, tabs are about three times the price of powder!

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