A Big Race

Now I’m not one to boast, but I’ll probably HAVE to, just this once.

This week I ran the Stockholm half-marathon, 21km (13 miles for the antimetrics) through this quite lovely city. The day was perfect–not too warm, not too sunny, no rain–and the atmosphere was, for Sweden, pretty electric.

My training consisted of the following: running about once every 2 weeks for the 3 previous months, and going out to get roaring drunk on the night before the race. This is NOT the kind of training that most sources recommend, but it seems to have done the trick for me.

raceFig 1: Your correspondent (on right) and running mate, post-run

I crossed the line 1 hour and 54 minutes later, a 10-minute improvement on my previous attempt in 2007. My in-race routine consisted of 4 golden steps:

1) Tape nipples to avoid chafing

2) Eat and/or drink everything that is offered along the course

3) High-five all the children who offer a high-fiving

4) Get behind somebody with a really nice arse and follow it

It’s a tremendous feeling, powering through the streets that you pass every day, stumbling up hills and grunting in pain with thousands of other like-minded wackos (and their shapely arses). And the kick one gets when stumbling across the finishing line really can’t be beaten.

Now it seems the next logical step is to get the finger out and start thinking about a marathon.

Thinking, thinking, thinking…

/ paddy

14 thoughts on “A Big Race

  1. Are you really up for doubling the dose of alcohol the day before, which presumably is a required prerequisite for running twice as far? If so, more Power(s) to you!

    • And nice to see you here too. What evil parent would film that though? And then put it out on the web forever to haunt the kid? He’s probably going to sue them when he turns 18.

  2. I envy you! You have just performed an delicat act, something I would have love doing.

    Have trained for the last six mounths, 5 km 3 days a week and the other days fast walking 5-10 km (with dog). The mushroom time arrived and I found The Place and picked myself 50 liter with pain and got myself two slipped cervical disks. No running for several mouths. Deltoideus and biceps are gone, useless and will take 5-6 months to build. But next year!

    I admirer everyone who runs. They show courage and fighting spirit and also an extraordianary dose of self control, which is handy in every situation.
    From one endorphinist to another.

    • Terrible! You should do some upper body training, join a gym class, it’s cured my back and shoulder problems in a few months. And its much easier to run too.

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