De-Lurk and Reveal Thyself

Inspired by Martin’s occasional delurking events, I thought to offer my readers the same opportunity.

So, if you have been hanging out here for a while and have never made your presence known, now is your chance.

Just stick your hand up and leave a comment to tell us who you are, why you are here and what keeps you coming back. And what the management can do to make your stay with us more enjoyable.


Who knows, we might all learn something. (And I also avoid having to think up something to write about, which is always nice.)

Let the delurking commence!

/ paddy


27 thoughts on “De-Lurk and Reveal Thyself

  1. well YOU know who I am. But maybe other readers don’t.
    So if you want to know more, well, name is Christina. Live in Copenhagen. Am an archaeologist. Arh, should I reveal my whole inner self to all of your readers? I think not. They can go to my blog instead. It’s all there.

  2. Hi
    My name is Rachael and I’m a lurker – Whew, I feel better already. I have been lurking fro quite some time now: not able to break the cycle. I feel that it is a self esteem issue, that once my hand goes up to admit my lurkiness it might bring down the dam (damn) wall and I might have to start my own blog.
    d’ya see the problem?
    I followed a link from Charlotte’s Web and found myself here and have been visiting.
    Irish, living in South Africa, great kids, nice job, good life but feeling a bit fat. Great thoughts of going to the gym but lurking much easier.

  3. My name is Ben but I’m not a bloke (never have been), nor a black labrador neither.

    I’m a UK Brit, but I knocked around Stockholm, Uppsala, Lund and Copenhagen in the early years of the decade.

    I too came here via Charlotte – what a lot we owe her. I’ve only recently started blogging in my own name and though my previous blog’s still around it’s rather full of dustbunnies at the moment.

    What keeps me coming back? Your bloody-minded intelligence. Or should that be your intelligent bloody-mindedness? You make me laugh.

  4. I’m a fairly regular commenter, but wanted to say hi and introduce myself to your other readers, because I’m an extrovert.

    I’m Charlotte and I hang about in my web, which is currently in a small dorp in Germany. I would far rather have a web in Berlin or New York or Cape Town, but sometimes life gives you lemons.

    I have never been to where you live but I am reading Stieg Larsson – does that count?

  5. I’m not really a lurker because I post comments. I should do the same for my blog though, inspite of just having like five people a day and I know one of them is you Paddy! Busted!.. or something. :D

  6. Hi! I’m not sure if I’ve commented or am a lucker, but after I met Paddy in Stockholm whilst he trained for an entirely different career, I somehow stumbled upon the blog and have enjoyed the humor, wisdom, and reminders of Sweden. I currently live in lovely Burlington, Vermont, USA.

  7. Eh… no, I`ll never ever makes comments in blogs. But for you I will reveal myself. My name is Cattis and I´m a real lurker. I´m a grey and very shy swedish girl (=lazy 40+ woman). I think I found your blog via aardvarrchaeology.
    Your blog is very amusing and entertaining, especially your comments on us silly swedes, so I´ll keep on visiting!

    • Hello. Thanks for waving to us. And I bet you’re not as grey as you say. You spelled the url to your blog wrong in your comment but I fixed it, so hopefully some people will go your way.

  8. I lurk a little nowadays. Not much blogging going on. *sneaks back into the shadows* Oh and I’ve totally gone all Gordon Ramsey on my blog, check it out! ;)

  9. Hi everyone. I’m Tor. I’m a philosophical logician. I like Paddy and I write long indignant comments whenever he mentions automobiles.

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