A Death in the Boy Band

Now it’s not my place to speak ill of the dead. But I see that Stephen Gately passed on, and in that most rock-and-roll of ways – by choking on his own vomit.

Sad, but also stupid. I mean, come on – vomit? In 2009? Please.

steveBut what I don’t get is why people are praising him just because he was gay. As in: “a pioneer in the pop world” and how brave he was to come out.

Um, hello? If you were to pick a business to be gay in, wouldn’t music be a first choice? I would have thought that the reaction would be more like – yeah yeah, sure, get in line, Stevo.

And so what, he’s a hero now?  For filling the world up with shit tunes? For helping to unleash the horror of Ronan Keating on us?

Or for crapping all over something that is quite important to me and to many other people – popular music – just for the sake of getting his own grinning mug on the telly and lining his fucking pockets?

I am prepared to accept that he may have been a very nice guy. And even if he wasn’t, I’m still sad to see him go. And all respects to his grieving family and friends; seriously, this must suck for them.

But if the truth be known he was a crap singer in a rubbish band that tainted the world’s view of Ireland. And boy oh boy, I’m so incredibly glad to see the end of fucking Boyzone.

Long live real music.

/ paddy

12 thoughts on “A Death in the Boy Band

  1. What’s real music to you? You know what I feel about boybands (almost) so it’s not related to this really. Just answer the question damnit! Everything’s gotta be so HARD with you. … (that’s what she said)

  2. And I thought you weren’t going to talk about boy bands for at least a year…

    Real music? Hmmm… perhaps made by people who can play and/or write songs that mean something to them and is not engineered by cynical arseholes just to extract money from teenagers? Music that says more than “I’m sad, I love you, isn’t war terrible?” Music with big stinky BALLS. Music made by people who REALLY MEAN IT.

    And I’ll skip the opportunity on the obvious joke at the end there…

  3. Hahaha good thing. And I agree. But I don’t listen to pop music either, so I’m good.
    Aaaand I probably will talk about boy bands within a year. There’s almost always something that comes up every six months or so.

  4. I met Louis Walsh when he came to the theatre I work in on some Tv pop star thingy and i asked him whats it like to be a promoter for childrens entertainment. he laughed and walked away… i still have my job.. phew…
    And i have heard all the Stephen Gately jokes. The best being that he was killed accidentally by George Micheal with a bar of chocolate…… It was a careless Wispa

  5. i never really listened to boy band music but that handsome man should have died. he had a lovely boy friend thta loved him. it probley was a horrible moment when his poor boyfriend walked in and seen his one true lover dead. =[ no one really knows what happend they just make it up as the go along. and yeah he may have been gay but every one has the own feelings for a person andnit happedn to be a man in his case. r.i.p stephen mate xxxxxxxx

  6. Another Stephen Gately Joke…

    Did you hear they (were) going to broadcast his cremation live on RTE?
    On the Gay Byrne show….

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