Rock Gods and Rock Dots

This blog post is based on an original conversation with Martin Rundkvist.

There was, and is, a healthy tradition in heavy metal and hard rock music to use various extra dots and squiggles over the vowels in the band name.

Think: Motörhead. Or Mötley Crüe. Or Queensrÿche.

This denotes hardness or something. And these special dots are affectionately known, among other things, as “rock dots“.

Now consider, if you will, the 80s metal band Trojan. In the spirit of the age they decided to adorn their name with rock dots. So the album covers and t-shirts all had the typical 80s heavy metal imagery, plus the band name splayed across the top, in all its extra-umlaut glory.

(The Swedes will already see where this is going. So shhhhh…)

I couldn’t find a band t-shirt on the web, so I threw one together for the occasion. And here it is.

Picture 1

And the fun part of all this?

“Trojan” means nothing special in Swedish, but “Tröjan”, with rock dots over the “O”, actually does.

And do you know what it means?

It means “The t-shirt”.

Isn’t life just superb sometimes?

/ paddy

17 thoughts on “Rock Gods and Rock Dots

  1. In light of my new understandings of rock culture, I shall hitherto only respond to the name “Glën” while my last name will be changed to an unpronounceable Babylonian sex symbol. This will surely make me a winning success! Lol.

  2. That shirt is freaking AWESOME! And your post makes me want to put rock dots over the a in my name. That would be so kick ass. Then all I’d need to do is grow out my hair, put on some spandex and shout into a microphone. Kick ass…

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