A Farewell to Fores

Many moons ago I applied for a job at a Swedish organisation called Fores. This is a green liberal think-tank who want to focus on solving our severe environmental problems by encouraging both big and small business to get involved.

vertical wind turbineNow regardless of your political leanings (and I am not at all sure of mine these days) this seemed like a fine idea and a great opportunity, even though the position itself was part-time and a bit vaguely defined.

However the people at Fores turned down my finely crafted application, told me the position basically did not exist any more, and sent me in return a question that went like this:

“Do you know anything about Macs? Because we need somebody to help us keep our Mac network working”.

Which unfortunately told me everything I needed to know about this workplace.

So today I wandered into their site to see how they are getting on and I stumbled onto their scientific advisory board. And my jaw slid open and remained there.

wool-over-eyesCheck it out here. From of a list of  20 people, 2 of them are actual scientists and a further 2 are so vaguely defined that they may or may not be.

The remainder are economists, political scientists (not much to do with science, I think you will agree) and various scattered disciplines far removed from science and technology.

For the love of Jove, they even have a “Gender Researcher”, surely the bottom of the barrel when it comes to academic disciplines.

Conclusion: The “scientific advisors” are not at all scientists, and any advice they offer will be pretty hard to swallow. Which makes the whole idea kind of pointless.

So sorry Fores, but you’re just not pulling any wool over any eyes.

So the lessons to be learned here are:

  • Don’t promise things you can’t deliver
  • Don’t try and offer us scientific advice from non-scientists
  • Don’t fill an office with people who only know how to use Macs
  • Don’t turn Paddy down for a job and expect to get away unscathed

/ paddy


7 thoughts on “A Farewell to Fores

  1. I think expecting to get away with the first three is/was entirely reasonable, but hoping for the fourth was naïve indeed!

  2. If the Fores folks knew how to use Macs, they wouldn’t be recruiting for someone to keep them running.

    • Well you see there’s a difference between knowing how to use Macs and ONLY knowing how to use Macs. And Macs are all that these people know.

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