A Slightly Pointless Milestone

So here we are, at last. It’s been a long struggle through time and space: many comments registered, many friends made, many images “borrowed” from Google, and much bile sprayed at things that deserved a good old-fashioned biling.

But now I can lean back and smile smugly, because at long last it’s here: blog entry number 400.


I admit, as pointless round-number celebrations go, 400 isn’t a great one.

Not at interesting as 500, for example. And less interesting than 100 or even 900.

But still, to us humans, a bunch of zeros at the end of a number sequence always gives us a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

And if there’s one thing I want my readers to have, it’s a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

So here’s to 400! And may there be many more of them.

(Until I get a book deal, because then I’m selling out, closing shop and moving directly to a goat farm in Cornwall.)

/ paddy

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