Tea in The Local

So I had an article published in The Local, which is probably the world’s biggest outlet for Swedish news through English (a narrow target group, admittedly, but still fairly large).

The article is about tea, and it’s about me doing a bit of moaning about tea, but I guess you’re all used to that by now.

And now, three days after the article has been published I am number 1 on The Local’s “most frequently emailed” list and also present on the “most read” and “most commented” lists.

Now I’m not suggesting that all my readers should go in and start mailing it to everybody they know in order to keep me on that list. No, I’m not suggesting that at all.

Apologies to those of you who have come here via The Local, since you are aware of all this already.

But please feel free to browse the 400 other articles I have scribbled over the years and let me know if anything takes your fancy. Or spew some invective in the comments, whichever you prefer.

Hopefully I’ll get a few more in The Local, acquire a rabid cult following, then a book deal, and then a house in Cornwall with a herd of goats. It’s only a matter of time.

/ paddy

19 thoughts on “Tea in The Local

  1. Hi Paddy, found you from the local. I am a Paddy who wanders through Stockholm fairly regularly. I sent the link to the story to all my Swedish colleagues to show it isn’t just me that despairs of their tea appreciation skills. I bring the box of Barry’s with me each week I am up. They have been stealing, and I was wondering is there anywhere in Stockholm that sells “Irish” tea?


    • Oh if only there was! Barry’s Gold is also my teabag of choice, but I don’t know anywhere that has them. (Or potato waffles either.) I guess the demand is just too small. Maybe Ryanair can start shipping them over?

  2. I’m a Swede born and bred and I have to say that you are right about everything you say about Swedes and tea. Sigh. The saddest thing is, things used to be better only twenty-five years ago. Oh, teabags galore for sure, but none of this crazy shit with spices, flowers and fruit in everything.

  3. I know the reason why you get served tea in glasses in Sweden. It’s to reciprocate (take revenge) upon the Russians (the former Soviets) for their dastardly deed of copying our good Hasselblad cameras.

    You know the old story about the Soviets copying the Hasselblad camera, up to and including the two little holes that they didn’t know why they were there?

    It’s the same thing with the tea glasses. We are copying the old russian custom of drinking steaming hot tea out of glasses. Now the russians do it with an external holder made of a metal that looks like gold. That way they don’t have to burn their fingers. Like the russians didn’t know why the holes were there, we don’t know what to do with the holding implement. Being swedes however, not knowing what to do with it, we don’t keep it with a straight face, we pretend it isn’t there, and perhaps never existed, and consequently we sometimes suffer from hot fingers.

    Now who am I to know this, you may ask? Well, I *am* a swede… :-)

    cheers/Rolf the coal root

  4. I like my African Roibos hot, no sugar and no milk, please. I do like the taste of ginger bread – so sue me ;-)
    Nicely written artikel by the way!

      • Cattis: Thanks! But yeah, roiboos isn’t really tea in the sense that I mean, it’s roiboos. However, it is one of the “alternative” teas that I do like. (And ignore jophan, the grumpy old git.)

  5. An Irish writer friend of mine met Colm Meany on the set of Star Trek years ago. Colm invited said friend back to his place with swimming pool, sunshine etc They both waxed on awhile about the great life in California, the weather and so on until Colm let out a big sigh. “Ah, but ye can’t get a decent cup of tea here.” I mean, my God, have you tasted what they call tea in America? A sad scrap of something pale (old tobacco, I think) stuck in a cup of luke-warm water. YUK. And their coffee is shite too for all they think they invented it.

    • Thanks! Yes, this is the start of EVERYTHING big. I have pulled the finger out and am writing like a maniac, both fiction and non-fiction. There will be another article in The Local next week; you’ll hear about it!

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