Fill My Ears with Your Loving

I’ve been spending a lot of time doing boring repetitive things at work, or just hiding from people by having headphones on (and we all do this, don’t we). This has co-incided with my discovery of the excellent GrooveShark and, since Spotify and Last.Fm are banned at my work, and iTunes only works on the moon, this pads out the hours nicely.

So I have been using this time to fill in the holes in my musical education. There is a whole lot of music I have missed out on. The 80s and 90s I have pretty much nailed, but before that lies a vast landscape of music, 95% of which is shit (in accordance with the 95% law of life) but 5% of which is probably shimmering genius.

And since I had no cool older brother to play vinyl for me, or teach me to smoke, I am pretty ignorant of most of it, apart from Nick Drake, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen.

Time to catch up, I figured.

So, while pretending to work, I have dabbled in Floyd, Bowie, Zappa and Zeppelin, but now I am running out of ideas.

And so I beg you all – tell me what to listen to!

Give me your tips and hints for great music from before the 80s, and I will be a good little boy and scuttle away and listen to it.

And maybe I will even write a little summary to let you know what I thought of it all, although don’t hold your breath, unless you’re into auto-erotic asphyxiation, in which case DO hold your breath, while thinking of old-school platform-wearing Paula Abdul.

So off you go then, give me a good musical seeing-to, I am all yours.

/ paddy


34 thoughts on “Fill My Ears with Your Loving

  1. Ah – the good old 70s!

    What about: ELO, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bob Seger, Bob Dylan (of course), Rita Coolidge, The Emotions, Bee Gees, Gloria Gaynor, Chicago, Bread, Hendrix, Lynrd Skynrd, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Springsteen, Queen, Eagles, The Hollies, Matchbox, Fleetwood Mac, Alice Cooper, The Clash, Santana…

    Well, off you run now – this should keep you busy for a wee while!

    • ladyfi: I would rather chew off my own foot than listen to Santana. And Dylan can shove his harmonica up his arse. But some good tips there, so thanks, although I’d be a sad bugger if I hadn’t listened to Queen…

  2. The Kinks always get over looked and you will be surprised how much of their stuff you know without knowing you know it. Dontch know.

  3. FUNK-A-Y: Sly & the Family Stone.
    and this one, less known but more good:
    I’m thinking – can you do grooveshark on an iPhone? Not that I have one, but… in the future…
    Don’t call me nigger, whitey:

  4. Lou Reed, Velvet Underground (very hooked in with Warhol and the Factory – a major part of the cultural history of the late 20th C).

    The Doors.

    Tell me you’ve got the early, bluesy Stones in there?

    Warren Zevon is a must-have. Tom Waites of course.

    You’ve got *both* incarnations of Fleetwood Mac, with and without Peter Green, yes?

    The Eagles. Bread.

    Carole King – song-writer for the stars, her main album was called ‘Tapestry’

    Marianne Faithful, who wins the prize for the best context-appropriate use of the word c*** on ‘Broken English’

    Janis Joplin – the will-she-won’t-she-break-down-on-stage-this-time Amy Winehouse of her day, but wa-a-a-a-ay cooler

    The Kinks – in fact anything by Ray Davis

    The Who, of course – the less obvious the better

    Roxy Music – so much harder than you think

    Runrig – a shout out for the Celtic Fringe (I can never decide weather singing in Gaelic is cool or pretentious – but wtf, they sound great)

    Van Morrison – natch.

    • Oh, and Steely Dan.

      Eric Clapton, I guess, but I find him overblown. BB King on the other hand IS the king.

      Ry Cooder – particularly fond of ‘Bop till you drop’.

      I’ve just been rediscovering the Rat Pack. Those boys defined cool, anyone who’s been cool since is just a tribute act.

      • Well I must admit to knowing more 70s music than I mentioned – Mr. Waits is already a favourite, Velvet Underground and The Doors ditto. Warren Zevon sounds like something I would like, because he has a “Z” in his name.

  5. “Blood, Sweat and Tears”, “Dire Straits”, Stevie Wonder och Ella Fitzgerald.
    Afro Celt Sound System, Motion Trio och Jorge Drexler. :D
    Fast de sista tre är mer nutida…. ;)

  6. Ladyfi did cover the most, but how about: Supertramp, Manfred Man, Jackson Browne, Eric Carmen, John Miles, 10cc, Patti Smith, Sparks, Mott The Hoople, The J. Geils Band, The Alan Parsons Project and Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

  7. Ignore everything Cattis suggested except Sparks. Hugely underrated and still making great music 30 years on. What other band could have a best of featuring contributions from Faith No More and Jimmy Somerville? Well? Nobody except Sparks.

    • Poor Cattis, everyone’s coming down on her this week…

      Yeah I like Sparks, but I only know their stuff from the late 80s and on, and not even so much of that. How far back should I be going here?

      • *sob* I have a terrible taste of music and don´t know a shit about tea!
        Well, about the Rooibos I was of course ironic, I totally know it isn´t tea. But my music taste…I´m incorrigible there I´m affraid!

      • Cattis: The link on your name is wrong, it leads to “http://http//”.
        Better fix it if you want some links!

  8. Tom Waits is a must, of course.

    The Residents (Guaranteed to blow your mind.)
    (There are two bands by that name, it’s the one with _Santa Dog_ I’m thinking about.) (Warning: It takes a listening to appreciate this music.)

    King Crimson

    And some swedish artists/groups:
    Owe Thörnquist (might be a modern spelling of his name)
    Kjell Höglund (many lp’s, very personal style)
    Povel Ramel (and Knäppupp)

    Not all of these are exactly seventies, but they still are worth listening up on.


  9. Thinking of moving to sweden. Think its a load of shit though with overpriced beer and bad mood folks all the time…doesnt sound like an easy pill to swollow. Whats your two cents on it mate.
    Missus is from sweden and missing free health care and people not able to think for themselves.

    Cheers lad

    • Overpriced beer? Not compared to Ireland. And people are at least honest, even if a bit dour. Once you gain somebodies trust here, then you have it for real; can’t say the same about Ireland. People are healthier and better looking, and the weather is dramatic, that’s for sure.

      Plus there’s lots of Irish; just walk into an Irish bar and you’ll meet a few.

      But it’s a beautiful country, despite its many annoyances. Come on over!

      • Hows it going lad? Cheers for the info. Didnt get much change from 200SEK for a couple of piss weak jameson’s and coke when I was there last.
        Whats the go with gettin jobs over there?
        Are you living in Stockholm?Coming over again for xmas this year. From years of playing footy on the rock hard pitches in Dublin my knees and ankles cant take the cold….but like the rain here, its always warm and cosy in the boozer!

  10. Re: Sparks
    The recent albums Lil Beethoven and Hello Young Lovers are delightful.
    As for the earlier stuff, I prefer the weird glam rock ‘this town ain’t big enough for the both of us’ era than the weird disco ‘beat the clock’ era.

  11. Funkadelic’s first two albums. The Zombies’ _Oddessey and Oracle_ (no, they couldn’t spell ‘Odyssey’). Pugh Rogefelt’s debut disc _Ja dä ä dä_. Iggy and the Stooges’ _Raw Power_.

  12. @Mick – Seriously, Stockholm isn’t much dearer than Dublin when it comes to drinks. And everything works, which is nice. Plus lots of Irish bars for hanging around and watching the football, if that’s your thing. And jobs – well, it depends what you can do; jobs there are, but not many you don’t need Swedish for.

  13. Here are a few more: Van der Graaf Generator; Peter Hammill; Joni Mitchell; Carole King; Crosby, Stills Nash (& Young); The Alan Parsons Project; The Average White Band; Climax Blues band; Yes; Rick Wakeman; Jon Anderson; Boston; Camel; Devo; Eva Cassidy; Janis Joplin; Paul Simon; Simon & Garfunkel; Nina Simone.

  14. My favorite maneuver when I see a queue is to approach it at a ninety degree angle as though you intend to pass through. The people in line will part to let you pass. As you come abreast of the line, STOP! Rotate yourself to face the head of the line as though you belong there, in line. Count four seconds. It takes that long for people to realize you have just cut in line. Now turn and smile at the people behind you. You will get one (of two) reactions. Smiles or frowns. Maybe a fist. It is always fun. Then go on your way. Don’t forget to take your meds as proscribed.

    • Mobius: That’s similar to a technique used to keep the seat beside you free on a train. Just catch the eye of anybody who looks like they might be heading for the seat, and smile at them insanely while patting the seat with a hand.

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