Office Christmas Party

Wow, is it that time already? Sorry, I’ve been busy. Having more things published in The Local, for one. And look at those comments! They love me over at The Local; I’ll be running the thing in a year or two.

So my job flew everybody down to That Other City for the Christmas party. Having the company Christmas party on a Friday was a controversial move, since it meant that we missed half of Saturday also. However it saved the company having to pay us for 2 missed work days, so hurrah for them. And we got comfy hotel rooms, so hurrah for us.

Good things about the party: They dispensed with the whole Julbord (which is a Smorgåsbord, only with Christmas things like pickled fish and great big slabs of cheese) and served us a proper 3-course dinner instead. Which, hating buffets, I heartily approved of.

Bad things about the party: The cringing corporate awards ceremony; the terribly boring city; the appalling DJ who was clearly playing a compilation CD called “Songs that make you want to die, volume 5”. And the fact that it was held 3 weeks before Christmas.

But hey. And if you want an ironic summing-up punchline, then you’d better think of one yourself, because I’m tired of doing all the work around here. Plus my head hurts.

/ paddy


6 thoughts on “Office Christmas Party

  1. Is The Local a swedish run site? I notice that to comment on your article on queuing, we have to queue up… “ADD YOUR COMMENT (YOU MUST LOG IN OR REGISTER TO MAKE A COMMENT)” Not caring to queue up for a comment, I do it here instead. :-)

    As for paxing, “WHY [do] people believe that items of clothing can be used to “reserve” places? How does it work?”

    I suspect that it works because items of clothing et cetera are extensions of your being, your personality. If you have placed them on the seat, you are somehow “there”, even if your body is still standing queuing some distance away, and people will respect your “being there”. Of course if your item is very small, people might not see it, or believe somebody forgot it there.

    Incidentally, ordering places for a swedish Julbord or Juldinner in a swedish restaurant is also a very good example of queuing. To get a place at the restaurant of your choice at the day of your choice you have to book it in March or April at the very least. (And you might be too late…) Most likely your company was a little late booking the date, and couldn’t get the day closer to Christmas that they wanted, that’s all.

    “an ironic summing-up punchline”? Well, you didn’t mention any juicy details from the corporate party afterwards, so most likely there wasn’t any party.


      • Still is, today. Rococo porno from the eighteen hundreds, very tame swedish porno older than 1960, and less tame stuff after 1960. And the rumours are beginning to spread: “I bet all of the sales figures for Trench coats, false moustaches and man size tissue is at an all time high in Karlstad.” says one commentor. A pity the auction is over, if I read the signs correctly.

        By the way, Paddy, does your company start swilling at the office while working the last hours before the party?


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