Shinier Words

Following a dialog on Facebook involving this person, this person (who doesn’t have a blog and can’t be linked to) and this person (ditto) we have concluded that the previous article is a load of arse.

“Unfriend” is not a good “new” word, in that it clearly came into use in connection with a single concept and doesn’t really have any application outside of its sphere of creation.

“So Billy, how is your buddy Dave?”

“Oh Mum, come on, I unfriended Dave ages ago!”

Works? No.

Also “Tramp Stamp” has been in use for ages, so that’s a cheat, and the others are just rubbish.

But luckily this person (who doesn’t blah blah) found the rather amazingly excellent word “googlegänger”. If you haven’t heard of it before, I am sure you can work out what it means from the construction.

See? Isn’t it very clever? Isn’t it a concept that we all recognise but did not have a name for until now? And that’s the whole point.

A quick search for my googlegängers reveals that one is a member of a cringeworthy Euro-American family folk group, whose gypsy image is “emphasized by their ‘ethnic’ clothing (such as long floral skirts worn by the female band members), their hair (very long hair even on all the male band members), and also by their travels around Europe in a double-decker bus and houseboat.”

Holy mother of god. That could have been me. A close call indeed.

Note: Even though I don’t believe in god or his virgin crumpet I can still use them to swear.

/ paddy

12 thoughts on “Shinier Words

  1. Your googlegängers are very popular in Germany, needless to say. I live in the last bastion of bad taste.

    Mine is a Scottish journalist, oddly enough, and using my maiden name, there’s one who is a singer-songwriter.

    • Oh I wouldn’t say the LAST bastion of bad taste; in Ireland they still think that floral indoor carpeting is to die for, and that fake roman pillars make a house sophisticated.

  2. Mine is, and has been, since “she” bought the domain with my a “industry leading” photographer and the other is “a world class communications specialist and a leader in medical training for the pharmaceutical industry”. You go over achievers…

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