Stuff for Christmas

The boy, now 10, was pondering what he and I wanted for Christmas.

I admitted that I want very little: more time; some gold; a house in the countryside with chickens, goats and bees; a nice telescope; a driving license; and a large lump sum of cash is never wrong either.

And the boy thought carefully about what he wanted and concluded: “I don’t know. I think I already have enough things.”

I gaped. When I was 10, I wanted, with a fierce passion, Star Wars stuff. My entire life, every single sparkling molecule of me, was Star Wars.

I ate, slept, breathed Star Wars and saved for a half-year for the yearly trip to Limerick where I got to buy a few Star Wars figures. And the concept of “having enough stuff” was as alien as eating pasta, or being able to fill the entire bath with hot water.

The boy is of course the only grandchild on his mother’s side, and one of only four on mine, so it’s understandable that he already has everything. But it’s also very nice that he realises it, that stuff never ends and that, eventually, you simply have enough of it.

So the boy wants “experiences”. And those I am happy to provide.

Footnote: Star Wars is a trilogy of movies made between 1977 and 1983. And that’s when Star Wars ended. Anything else you may have seen with the name “Star Wars” was just a bad dream.

/ paddy

14 thoughts on “Stuff for Christmas

  1. Sounds like he has Lama potential. Don’t go to Tibet with him, they will take him in immediately!
    These days, the Star Wars concept has turned into a … well, I don’t know what to call it. But I know, that my 3-year-old wants a Darth Vader costume for Xmas – to match his noise making, colour glowing lazer sword… He thinks Darth Vader is a hero… my guess is that LEGO did this!!

    • But he IS a hero – he overcame adversity and triumphed! Plus he decked the emperor, AND killed that really annoying Obi Wan Kenobi. So he’s got my vote!

  2. I still haven’t reached the “I have it all”. Well, there was one year, but then my mom were just mom and got me five awesome things I didn’t know I really really really wanted.
    Nowadays I only wish for money and something small, because I need to survive december/january until the money comes in again in late january. Sucks.

  3. He sounds like a lovely child. I have a very nice 9-year-old daughter, who is musical, reads a lot, currently a vegetarian, anti-fashion, loathes Hannah Montana and plans to be an explorer and travel writer when she grows up.

    We could just go ahead and arrange the marriage now.

  4. Bless him! What a treasure. My ten-year-old boy just gives me the Argos catalogue and says here’s my list mum.

    I exaggerate of course. He’s started to play the electric guitar so he wants stuff related to that.

    I never got the Star Wars thing. Sorry.

    Merriest Wishes Paddy.

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