I won’t rant I won’t rant I won’t rant…

Irish Christmas. Idiot Catholic priests. Grrrr. Horrible Irish architecture. Gzzrrrr. Potatoes done in a billion ways. Mmrrtrtrt. Total lack of physical motion. Hmmrrrrt. Horribly depressing English soap operas. Nnnggggggn.

And the rain the rain the rain the damp the rain…

So, yes, I was in Ireland for Christmas, and it was great to hang out with the family and chill to some good trashy TV and get a nostalgia kick and bitch about the Catholic church with my brilliant 12-year old niece and have people cook food for me and drown in tea.

But I missed the Interwebs. I missed cappuccino. I missed pasta. I missed the gym. I missed secular people. And I missed you lot.

So here I am, back with a few new years resolutions.

And they are:

  • Learn to touch-type
  • Learn to read music and get piano lessons
  • Run a bloody marathon
  • Do something musical (besides the piano lessons)
  • Get something published that I will be paid for
  • And a 4-letter acronym that I will not, at this time, make public

So happy new year, and good luck getting rid of those extra kilos with your hastily purchased post-Christmas gym card, you big chubby git.

/ paddy


10 thoughts on “Post-Christmassy

  1. Thank goodness you decided NOT to rant! ;-)

    As for that gym card – I have a dog that requires constant exercise in the cold outdoors – nature’s own gym!

    And remember what Anais Nin said: “You don’t see the world as it is, but as you are.”

  2. Rain and damp and rain??? Are you sure your werent in an alternate Kerry. -10 and frozen since Dec 23rd or so everywhere else!!!
    Oh and on the “something musical ” side of things I must gently urge you in the direction of UKULELE UKULELE UKULELE UKULELE UKULELE!!!!

  3. Fascinating.

    As I’ve already mentioned in another comment, I also spent Christmas in Ireland. Maybe they typecast a different kind of weather for you Irish people (although how they manage to combine things so that we foreigners experience the opposite kind beats me), but we were strolling around in sunny spring weather, listening to the twittering birds in amazingly *green* and *lush* Dublin. We saw a few trees of one kind or another without any leaves on them, but all the rest – including, flabbergastingly enough, the tropical palm trees! – were green! In December.

    And the architecture? Well, my girlfriend found what she prononounced to be her dreamhouse, in Shankill. And by that time she had already photographed upwards of 350 houses, being so enthusiastic that she stepped right into people’s gardens to get a better view. I fancy a few of those homeowners were secretly proud, if they happened to be standing behind the curtains looking at us.

    Be proud of Ireland, mate. It is a fantastic country.

    Drive a hard,
    (half-Greek, half-Swedish)

    • Yeah the weather was sunny at times, but when I was in Dublin just before new years the rain was torrential.

      And the ugly houses are of course the new ones, usually built in the countryside where the people have no taste.

      And yes, it is a fine country. If a little weird.

  4. Christmas again.

    Because I just thought of something.

    How do you Irish celebrate Christmas, really?

    There is one thing that had me and my girlfriend totally at a loss. We simply couldn’t think of a reasonable explanation.

    We were staying in Ballsbridge, in Dublin 4. Roughly between seven o’clock and nine thirty on the evening of Christmas Day, we took a long walk. And with one – one, mind you – exception all the houses were dark and it was obvious that no one was home, but their cars were still parked outside. So it didn’t even look as if they’d gone visiting relatives. And if they had, how come everybody in Dublin 4 were away visiting relatives and no relatives were visiting any of them? And why didn’t they drive there in their cars, anyway, since neither the Dart nor the buses were running? And there were hardly any taxis, albeit a few?

    Also, the streets were absolutely deserted. So they were’nt exactly makin’ merry outdoors, either.

    This remains a total mystery to both of us, and if there is an explanation I’d really like to know.

    All the best,

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