So my family has caught me with my Internet pants down.

My enterprising niece, while looking for information on “Catholic control in Irish schools” came across my blog and quickly worked out that it was me. So needless to say it wasn’t long before the whole family knew about it.

Now even though I do not write about my family directly, I DO write the occasional piece which is hardly child and/or family friendly. So what can I do?

Well, nothing obviously. This is my playground, I make the rules and I have a certain level of sleaze to uphold. If you want family-friendly try Hallmark channel or talk to a priest.

Or no, wait, don’t do that. Obviously. Priests should be pitied and marginalised, not talked to. It’s better for all of us that way.

So all I can do is just wave at the family and say “welcome” and remind them to remove their shoes at the door.

And please try and ignore all of the dick jokes.

/ paddy

9 thoughts on “Rumbled!

  1. Nice blog Paddy!

    I wish I had hidden behind a pseudonym when I started blogging on my life in Sweden two years back. Not sure how many ‘Taffs’ there are in Stockholm so not sure that would be a convincing handle.

    I actually find the fact that my mother and indeed some of my staff (I manage 50 people plus here) helps me to self censor my blog.

    It does mean though that there is a lot I cant blog about…maybe when I leave I can tell all ;-)

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