Puppies, eh? Aren’t they lovely?

Soft, cuddly, happy little puppies, just running around and doing all that puppy stuff?

Nobody could dislike puppies surely, be they Catholic, Protestant, Sikh or whatever. They’re just puppies.

And they’re bloody lovely. Alright?

/ paddy (hoping for some peace and quiet for a change)


25 thoughts on “Puppies

  1. Yes, they are lovely!

    But tell you the truth, I love kittens even more. Generally speaking, that is. For most of my life I’ve had cats and until recently, when a friend got the cutest little puppy you could think of, I was firmly convinced that I could not really “communicate” with dogs/puppies as well as with cats/kittens. Turned out I was wrong at least in that instance, because the new little puppy – for reasons unfathomable to me – has taken a liking to me that is wholly undeserved but totally overwhelming.

    With that said, my day care mum when I was a child had a dog, now gone for decades, that still remains closest to my heart of all dogs. That dog was incredible, even sleeping lying right across me in order to protect me against any danger when I was a toddler.

    And then, of course, the cats. There have been three of them in my life, and also the little kitten daughter of one of them.


    Living as I do now, it is no longer feasible to have a pet. Unfortunately.

    They are great, great company.

    All the best,

  2. You have no idea what its like living with puppies you “Nonpuppyland’ dweller so dont tell me how cute they are. Have the good manner to keep your pro puppy comments to yourself.
    For it is written – “Puppies are pricks”. (I just wrote it but under Gods guidance. The catholic God, not the prod one)

  3. And the puppies rained upon the Amalekites and did entirely consume them, and there was weeping and ironing and ordering from Amazon and the Lord saw the carnage and threw out scooby snacks more numerous than the stars in heaven for it was good and pleasing to his great fat arse.

  4. They are adorable. With puppys around even I would be able to listen friendly to a religious person.
    My dog is an Irish Terrier, a real gangster with loads of brain and integrity.

  5. Are people complaining that you’re too negative?

    I don’t like dogs very much, altough I of course like puppies. Cats is my thing, I FRIGGIN LOVE KITTENS. Omg. Kittens.

  6. No cat win against an Irish Terrier, that´s for sure. That´s why we had to fence 5 acres around our house, the neigbours lost their cats, even a big strong Main Coon known for dominating rottweilers.
    And I like when my dog can run free without me overlooking every step.
    A terrier is a terrier is a terrier…

  7. Somewhere in Sweden is a Staffordshire Bull terrier which is essentially a ball of muscle with teeth. Along with the dog is a ginger Toms fangs somewhere in its neck. Our dear departed ginger tom, Fizz-Gig went head to head with said dog and gave as good as he got. Dog was sent on a prison ship to Sweden. True story……..
    Moral of the story- I like both but I do like a good Kitten-Tika-Masala

    • It’s bizarrely appealing, I must say.

      Nice portfolio, by the way. I particularly liked “Competitors”. You have anything on display in Stockholm at the moment?

  8. —hi paddy—thepuppychannel.com is now online—with capabilities beyond what’s now possible on tv—it’s nonsectarian and not ethnocentric—but noticing the names of your commenters—you and they might be interested that it was started by some irishamericans in cleveland ohio usa—and now seeks allies to expand to other media—woof !

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