Begging Letter

The kid (H10, soon to be H11) has been collecting wrappers from a certain chocolate bar for a few weeks now to enter a competition.

Basically you answer a few questions, describe your best ski-ing memory (I love it that all Swedes assume that you HAVE a favourite ski-ing memory) and then send it in with the wrappers and await the draw.

You stand to win a ski holiday. Or else a pile of chocolate. I know which I’d prefer.

But anyway the kid added his own touch to the form – a post-it note with a hand-scrawled text that says the following:

“Hi. My mum used all her money for the dentist and now maybe I’ll never go ski-ing again in my childhood. I hope that I win. PS I love your chocolate.”

He’ll go far, that kid. And he will always have chocolate.

/ paddy


9 thoughts on “Begging Letter

  1. Wonderful!

    Kids are wonderful at times, the little rascals…
    I work with interviewing people, and approached this dad with two little sons. They immediately closed in upon me, gave me a shove in my tummy, and told me “your tummy is bigger than daddy’s tummy”.
    What could I say? It was only the truth… :-)


  2. Your son’s flair for the art of getting what he wants makes me laugh out loud!
    First a tear-jerker, then unashamed flattery! Brilliant!

    Tell me, Paddy, does he do the same thing with you when he wants more pocket money, for example?

    And more to the point, does it work?

    All the best,

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