Swedish Anal Energy Burst

So this little doozy turned up on the vending machines in the Stockholm subway during the week.

Is it just me who finds this hilarious? Is mine the only twisted mind to have picked up on the obvious rude joke that the Swedish lay-outers seem to have completely missed?

And the follow-up question occurs: just what do they want us to do with this stuff anyway?

I will avoid the obvious smutty gay innuendo here; it’s just far too easy. My readers are more than welcome to fill in that part for themselves if they so desire.

Heh heh, fill in… fnarr…

/ paddy

19 thoughts on “Swedish Anal Energy Burst

  1. You’re not alone out there, Paddy. That one is by definition cheeky humor.

    Blame four hundred years of typographers, insisting upon pressing r and n tightly together.

    As for just what they want us to do with this stuff, Paddy, you really do not want to know… :-)

  2. I pointed this sign out to a guy who then failed to make the ass connection. He thought of hobos instead. Guess it says something about how my mind works that I hadn’t thought of that at all…

    • There are 2 kinds of people in the world, it seems – those who think mostly of arses and those who think mostly of homeless people. Whereas I think mostly of spaceships.

  3. It wasn’t until I read the comments that I realised what it really says on the poster. Hilarious!

  4. Here’s a Swedish cheese brand called Kavli:


    This frequently cracks Greeks up, at least those living in Sweden. (For obvious reasons, this particular brand is not sold in Greece.)

    Now you people out there, you just try and figure out what “kavli” means in Greek!

    Hint: Kavli once marketed a now discontinued cheese called Raketost, cylindrical in shape. That cracked the Greeks up even more. The shape, that is.

    All the best,

  5. Maybe not the best blog post to do it, considering its subject, but to all of you Irish people reading this blog – Happy S:t Patrick’s Day!

    And the same to those of you who are Irish at Heart, since I’ve read on the official celebration homepage that those of us who happen to have a special place for Ireland in our hearts are welcome as well!

    Personally, I’ll celebrate at Mike’s Irish Bar here in Athens, with the Greeks, the Irish expats (at least I hope some will show up) and – of course – an Irish band, playing live!

    Let’s party!

    Happy S:t Patrick’s!

    All the best,

  6. Ok, all you Irish people reading this blog, I’m going to say this!

    I e-mailed the nightly, Irish radio show Late Date with Alf McCarthy, saying I visited Ireland this last Christmas and fell in love with the country, and asked him to play some truly Irish song of his own choice, in celebration of beautiful Ireland and S:t Patrick’s Day – and added that I will celebrate at Mike’s Irish Bar tonight. He was really nice about it, playing not one but two Irish songs, said “Hi” to me on the radio, and told all Irish people visiting Athens to search out Mike’s Irish Bar – “Just tell them I sent you!” :-)

    But on top of that, within minutes, an Irish person e-mailed the show, asking for “Zorba – the Greek”, adding “for our Greek friend”.

    Small gestures? Yes. But heart-warming. And perfectly in line with the Irish people I met when in Ireland, who were – all of them, I might add – incredibly friendly. As are most Greek people.

    This is a Good Thing. I think. Small but heart-warming things like this brightens up your day.

    Cheers, Ireland!

    And once again – Happy S:t Patrick’s Day!

    All the best,

      • Paddy, I really have to go to the Irish countryside to see those fiercely ugly houses! I actualy look forward to it!

        Because, I will reiterate – the houses I saw in Dublin and Shankill were astoundingly *beautiful*. As I have said before, me girlfriend found her favourite house of all time in Shankill!

        I *want* to see the fiercely ugly ones! Because I must say, when it comes to you Irish lot, if you do something, you really *do* it! An ugly Irish house must absolutely be the ugliest house in all of Europe! A true expereince! :-)

        All the best,

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