Happy 101 Sweet Friends

Looks like I’ve been memed, good and hard. Yessir, a good old-fashioned meming, none of your sissy modern sneaker-wearin’ latte-drinkin’ memings. A meme to put hair on your chest, in other words, or at least in close proximity to your chest.

Anyway the meme in question is Happy 101 Sweet Friends. No, I don’t know either why, just go with it, okay? The instruction from my tagger are as follows:

List 10 things that make your day and then give this award to 10 bloggers.

What, 10 positive things? No complaining permitted? But.. but… well…oh alright then. Things that make me happy. By Paddy. Aged 38 and a lot.

Fig 1: An example of a thing that makes my day

1. A cup of coffee while writing in the early morning when everybody else is asleep. The only way to make mornings bearable, I find. And I’ll be wearing a bathrobe too. Maybe even underwear.

2. Waking up in a whole new city. Feeling that tingle of excitement and not knowing what you’ll come across, and then forget the location of, and probably never see again.

3. Roquefort cheese. The best fucking taste in the world. EVER.

4. Wandering around second-hand shops. Like sifting through the flotsam of a very large and peculiar shipwreck piloted by people with no taste at all.

5. Running in the late summer when the sun is setting. That glow of orange and pink as you cross the high part of the bridge, with the water glittering underneath and the trees crowding behind and the twinkling lights of the city up ahead.

6. Standing in a good strong fresh wind. The kind that roars at you and makes your face change shape. The kind you have to lean forward in. Last experienced at the top of a Scottish mountain two years ago. More of that please.

7. Suddenly learning a new way to think. When the pieces fall together and that light goes on and you sit back and clasp your hands behind your head and say “Oooooooooh….right…”

8. A really nice cappuccino. Creamy, strong, the right temperature, and poured by a female barista with a pert arse and twinkly eyes.

9. Something that fits exactly in the place you had planned for it. A box on a shelf, a chair in a corner, a bale of hay in a trailer, a person in a bed.

10. A whole chunk of time with nothing at all to do. Just drifting, from whatever to whatever, with no plans, no appointments to remember, no people to coordinate with. Nothing more complicated to decide than where to have your next coffee or whether to turn left or right. Bliss.

That’s me. And now I have to tag 10 people (or technically, list 10 blogs that give me pleasure). I am choosing to interpret “blogs that give me pleasure” as “blogs that I read”. Note that some of these people are far too famous to bother with the likes of me, but I’ll list them anyway. What the fuck, eh?

1. Wynn and her adventures in post-student, pre-person land. Slightly more smutty than average.

2. Ecopunk and his adventures living the life that most of us don’t dare.

3. Kaia. Books, life, cooking, pondering. And I think she knits too.

4. Melliferax, the sharp-thinking lady with the bees and the killer dimple.

5. Earthpal, my green conscience. Plus always an entertaining writer.

6. Fellow Irishman Seamus who seems to be uncannily like me, judging from his bio.

7. Ryan AKA The Grumpy Owl, a man who is always tossing out fascinating tidbits.

8. My buddy Martin, gentleman and scholar, the only person I know who found a sword. And, more recently, a spoon.

9. The incomparable Graham Linehan, the man behind Father Ted and Black Books, whose funny links I have been passing off as my own for ages. Forgive me Graham.

10. And finally, the Everlasting Blört. I have no idea who is behind Blört, but they are definitely proud members of the reality-based community, and host the most astounding collection of time-wasting oddities you will ever see.

Many of these people will probably ignore me and my little tagging of them. And that’s fine, it is, really. Nobody has to do anything just because I write some silly article and I generally ignore memes myself. But it would be nice if one or two of you… you know…

And so here we are then, a whole article of just positive stuff without a single rant or swear word. Who’ve have fucking thought that, eh?

/ Paddy


13 thoughts on “Happy 101 Sweet Friends

  1. Thanks Paddy. I will look forward to doing this meme. Anything that will make me look on the brighter side of things has to be good right now.

    I LOVE your 4, 5 and 6. And no. 10 sounds really good too.

  2. I like the twin dimples above a lady’s bottom.

    But I rarely do blog memes for fear of boring my readers. Still, thanks for thinking of me, man!

  3. Hi Paddy, I will rise to the challange, but I won’t pass it on. I don’t have 10 friend you see *sniff*. Give us a day or two.

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