I hate waiting. I hate it with a passion.

I will happily take my bike across town to my job, even though it takes longer, because I don’t like waiting for trains and busses, and despise waiting for other people to get on or off them.

I will take the stairs, no matter how many steps there are, instead of standing in that blob of people that collects in front of an escalator.

I will not wait for food if there is a long line, and I don’t care how bloody good the place is supposed to be. I will just go elsewhere, because it’s not worth it.

Morons, in a line, yesterday

And I would not, in my wildest dreams, stand in line for a product on the day of its release, when I could just stroll into a shop a few days later and get it with no fuss. Seriously, what’s the fucking point of that?

Today I went to my nice local shop and stood in line holding a bag of potatoes. There were two people serving but they were both taken up with various tasks at the deli counter. And then they started to natter with the people they were serving, ignoring the long line building up behind.

I gave it five minutes, and then I put the items back and I left. Life is too short to be stomping your feet and being all grumbly in a queue. And maybe the staff will get the hint – next time, serve the scowling Irishman quickly.

Or maybe they’ll just add me to the “dangerous lunatics” list, tape up my photo behind the counter and never let me in again. I just hate it when that happens.

/ paddy

18 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. But I jest. Im with ya on most of the current “Why must I share my planet with others” rant but with an added “I hate things and people who are late”.(Not sure how to spell impunctuality or if its even a word)

    • A closely related topic. People who are late are just arse. Especially the ones who think they can somehow get away with by saying “you know me, I’m ALWAYS late hihihi”.

  2. Lol. I love Paddy when he’s grumpy.

    Banks are the worst places to wait. Waiting in bank queues makes me want to scratch my face off. Every transaction takes forever and even when the customer has left, the clerk spends another forever with her head down pretending to do stuff when really, we all know she’s on her mobile phone texting her coffee order to her colleague who’s stood in the queue at Starbucks.

    (Love the new header thing Paddy. Looks really good.)

  3. One of my most enjoyable memories of Sweden was watching brains of the Americans I was working with melt with the lack of customer service in Sweden. Not that I’d recommend the UK for a queue-free existence. A lack of queues is one of the good things about the interwebs.

    • Ah, that “service” thing. A dirty word in Sweden. Everybody is the same, you see, and so nobody should be subservient to anybody else, even if it’s their job. The continuing joys of 70s socialism, bless them.

    • “Ben Warsop:One of my most enjoyable memories of Sweden was watching brains of the Americans I was working with melt with the lack of customer service in Sweden.”

      Hehe. Cholerics one and all. :-)

      I would have judged Paddy the choleric type, until he wrote that it took him five minutes to give up on the queuing… Paddy, you should search out the places where they have a hot dog sales person outside – chances are that he has taken a bunch of queuing tickets, and will give you one in exchange for buying a hot dog. Of course, that works only where they use the queuing ticket system. Me, being more of the phlegmatic type, I hire somebody to stand queuing for me, and then go shopping my needs mean while. Do you frequently change queue, for the neighbouring one, only to find that that one was even slower? Statistics prove that the queue you choose always goes the slowest, so there is not much you can do. Perhaps talk to each other?


  4. Waiting is the reason (well, one of the reasons) I carry a book everywhere. If I *must* be surrounded by humanity then I can at least get some reading done. That also discourages people from trying to chat to me. What the hell is it with people that can’t be quiet for two consecutive minutes. ‘Shut the fuck up, people, I have thoughts to think. Mostly about cheerfully shoving you off a Norwegian fjord and watching your lifeless body bounce off the rocks before disappearing in the frigid, churning waters below.’

    Too much?

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