Towing the Earth

I mean, seriously, I can put up with a bit of technobabble, and stupid plot twists and over-the-top aliens and stupid coincidences because, you know, it’s Doctor Who, and that’s what you get, innit?

But please… towing the Earth?

Russel T Davies, my good man, you should just fuck the fuck off immediately.

Oh, he did? Did he really? Oh well that’s all fine then.

Carry on.

/ paddy

3 thoughts on “Towing the Earth

  1. It bothers me that the Doctor and the TARDIS can tow a rocket out of a black hole in “The Satan Pit”, and entire Earth in “Journey’s End,” but he doesn’t even think about a towing the Starship UK in “The Beast Below” if they release the Star Whale. What gives?

    • What bothers me is a great deal, as in, most of the episode. There was not a single moment in the finale where I went “oh yes, smart, I didn’t see that coming”. There were no clever solutions, no foreshadowed twists, just hand-waving and technobabble all the way. I really REALLY wish they found a way to destroy one of the other planets to break the pattern, for example. Everything was classic Davies – build up a fantastic hopeless situation and then proceed to bullshit your way out of it.

      I can forgive continuity errors, or blatant cheating on occasion, but not a whole mess just pulled out of somebody’s arse because they wanted a “cool” finale.

      Nice blog you have, by the way.

      And I do love the new Doctor, I must say. Tennant + Davies was not a happy combo.

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