Big Bad Burger Bar

I am watching at this very moment (yes, this VERY MOMENT) a Swedish documentary about working conditions in McDonalds.

They show the usual horror stories, in the usual horror-story fashion. How for example “old” food is kept longer than it should, how employees are paid less than they work, and how worker’s rights are regularly stamped upon. An hour is spent, talking to lots of people, with scary music in the background. All to make us angry or upset or something.

Now, any regular readers of mine will suspect where this is going next. Let’s see now, he describes the situation, he builds it up, he piles on the irony… and oh yes, then he starts swearing. So let’s do it!

Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild. With a faery, hand in hand. For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.

Excuse me, you complete dicks, what exactly do you expect here? You go to a place that offers really cheap bad-quality food, and you complain that they are cheating you? You pay fuck-all for your carbohydrate stodge but you still expect the staff to be buzzing about behind the counter, on gold-plated Segways, wearing goofy smiles from all the free high-quality coke they disperse for free in the staff bathroom?

McDonalds is cheap. It’s their thing. Do people think that this can be accomplished without exploiting somebody along the way? The workers, the suppliers, the growers? Yes, McDonalds simply desires to serve us with cheap, high-quality food while making the world a happy place, and to hell with the profit margins. Sure they do.

Now go bite the other one, it’s got bells on.

These moaners are like the people who complain about glass in their chicken, or meat-glue in their sausages, while at the same time expecting the slop they buy in their supermarkets to be as cheap as possible. You want cheap food, you got it. Tasty, isn’t it?

Seriously, get a fucking grip people. You pay shit, you get shit. What part of this is so difficult to follow? If you want good food and good workers conditions, then don’t go to Mc fucking Donalds just to moan about it. Go to a real restaurant, or make it your fucking self.

Clever, snappy and ironic summing-up line of some sort. You know the drill.

/ paddy

21 thoughts on “Big Bad Burger Bar

  1. There’s a lot of truth to what you say.
    I like that part: “You pay shit, you get shit.” … or in other words: You get, what you pay for. Demand determines supply. And the way I see it people are literally begging for shit.

  2. The documentary would be worth making if it showed that the customers who buy McDonalds crap are as complicit in the exploitation of workers/third world countries as the suits in the boardroom. Unfortunately people don’t like to acknowledge that the dollar you ‘save’ on cheap first world goods comes out of someone’s pocket. And that someone can probably afford to lose it less than you can.

  3. For once, I agree with you! People have just cut themselves off from their own brains in their desire for cheap food that tastes like rubbish. I guess they are angry because documentaries reveal the truth that they would much rather not think about.

    • There’s noting wrong with how it TASTES if you ask me. It tastes just great. But it’s just cheap processed, salted crap made from bad ingredients. It’s like people who fly Ryanair and complain about the service. I mean, seriously.

  4. MY fav thing is that one of the tags on this post is ‘mac users’. Because they also get what they pay for? Or because they bitch about obvious things. Or because they only see what they want to see?

  5. I have to agree, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, there are many people that are only interested in spending as little money as possible on food, even if it means that the food will have less quality. No wonder we get “white trash stores” were a lot is of bad quality or the food have been transported from far away…

    I read somewhere that we spend a lot less money on average on food now than we did 20-30 years ago. Today we rather spend money on the newest high-technologic television, cars, and other stuff.

    If we are talking about McDonald’s, there are other reasons for boycotting than cheap labour. For example, the reason they are so successful and cheap and how they have built the industry of cheap food that will stay the same for over a year without mould. The way they have exploited the third world, taken over the land of farmers for a small amount of money to keep the beef cows for the hamburgers. At a smaller salary then the farmers can cope with, the farmers are then allowed to take care of the cows. That means that the farmers don’t get enough money to survive, and have no land to grow food on or farm their own animals.

    So, why do we keep eating McDonald’s?

    • Well because it’s tasty, and easy to find. You’ll be hungry in an hour but those milkshakes sure are good!

      And I agree – people spend horribly little on food, but still complain that it costs too much. Conclusion – people are stupid. Again.

    • Why? Because people are thoughtless or they simply don’t care. Saw a show with Jamie Oliver where he tried to call attention to the way hens are treated in large-scale livestock farming and how little space they have to themselves. When he asked after the show if people would change their purchasing habit now that they knew about the circumstances most answered with “no, for me it’s important that it’s cheap.” Any further questions?

      • Some of us don’t eat McDs.. although I do use their toilet facilities and buy coffee there in emergencies…

  6. yes, yes and yes. Rather like the sushi-mothers in an other post of yours. The feckers Now I’ll take some of the veggieburgers I made after your recipe out of the freezer and devour them with great pleasure!

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