Birth of a Meme

It must be the heat, but I have decided to create a brand new blog meme.

This fantastic new meme will be known as “3 things which make my life easier that everybody else should also do but they just won’t no matter how much I bang on about it.” I think you get the point.

So, without delay, here’s my list.

1) Cupboard-mounted lid remover. Okay, so this is really an “aid” for people who are old or disabled, but I just love it. Basically you attach this toothy thing under a cupboard and use it to remove lids. It only takes a quick push and twist, never any problems, and I just don’t understand why more people don’t have them. I tell people about this and they say “yeah that’s probably handy” but then they do not rush out and purchase one. What gives? Go get one people, your life will never be the same again!

2) Going backwards on escalator with prams and strollers. When H11 was a wee thing, I used to take him around in his stroller a lot. We quite often used the escalator and I quickly discovered that by far the most efficient and safe way to do this was as follows:

Have the front wheels of the pram on the third step up from where you are standing. The back wheels are in the air and you have both arms propped securely under the bar thingy. This means that when you go down, you have to step onto the escalator backwards and draw the buggy after you, but it’s still really easy.

However, I noticed that almost nobody does this. In fact, everybody in Sweden stands two steps behind the buggy and bends down to hold it in place. It’s insane, its uncomfortable and it’s far less safe. WTF, people, are you all thick? Do it MY way, it’s so much better!

3) Single click. A few years ago I changed from double to single click on my PC. It’s so much better. I mean, can anybody explain why we have to click twice on something to access it? It’s insane. We don’t double-click on the web, and people are fine with that. The main reason I hear for double-clicking is “oh I’m used to it”. What kind of reason is that? I went and bought a bloody Mac because people told me how great it was, and in that situation “I’m used to a PC” didn’t hold any water. So why should you be wearing out your fingers by clicking twice as many times as necessary? Come on people, single click!

And that’s my three items. In grand old blog meme tradition I will now tag three people, who are welcome to moan in a similar manner. Remember now, three things that you know would improve everybody’s lives if they would only listen to you, the gits.

1. Seamus, one of that breed rare, the male Irish blogger.
2. Melliferax, probably the best beekeeper I know.
3. James, a man who loves a good rant as much as I do.

(4. One more person, Ben, wants in too. Go for it Ben.)

Moan away, people!

/ paddy


11 thoughts on “Birth of a Meme

  1. Right, Right and Mmm… maybe. I’m not convinced the accumulated effort of all those second clicks mount up to a whole hill of beans over a lifetime.

    Can I have a go? I’m made of knowingness.


  2. 1: where can I get one?
    2: too right, yours is the only sensible way!
    3: sounds sensible, but I’m curious: what do you do when you want the “usual” single-click action of setting the focus to the object in question?
    4: good job you didn’t tag LadyFi: she’d never be able to choose only three things ;-)

    • For number 3 – you hover for a second and it gains focus. The only real minus is renaming, then you really need to right-click. Otherwise it’s all plus!

      • Ah OK, that’s liveable with. But I’d still like an answer to number 1, if you can remember. If not, then you’re a rotten tease, so you are!

      • I’m not sure I like the sound of that hovering to select… KDE uses a single click to open and it adds a little icon to toggle the selection. I’ve been using it for a while and I agree it is better.

        Something that will probably save you just as many mouse clicks in XP is wizmouse. It allows you to scroll a window or sidebar or whatever without having to click on it first. Bloody revolutionary idea if you ask me.

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