The Swedish Democrats

There is a big fuss in Sweden at the moment about the Swedish Democrats. These are a far-right party, peopled and supported mostly by thick people from the country. Well, they are. All the other parties are now in a tizzy about the fact that they might win seats in the parliament and they are falling over each other to say how they will not, on any account, work with them.

Sigh. Let me just point something out here. This is a democracy, and central to a democracy is allowing people the right to speak even when you don’t agree with them. ESPECIALLY when you don’t agree with them. Tell this to the upper middle-class leftish louts who regularly turn up when far-right parties speak in public and shout them down. You know what would have a bigger effect, you daft shouty dread-locked irritants? To let them speak. To allow us to see their logic and make up out own minds. I don’t want the information I get to be filtered by bigots (and the far left are clearly bigoted in their own way). I want to make my own mind up.

As an example I think another party, the Christian Democrats, should be removed from politics since their ranks are awash with homophobes and deluded people. But I understand that they won’t, because many people like to vote for them, so fair enough. Any political party with the support of people should have the same rights as any other political party, as long as what they say isn’t illegal. So get fucking used to it. Again, democracy, remember?

So if you want idiots to show that they are idiots, you let them talk and you ask them questions. Here is a perfect example of that. A far-right dude from the country (previously, and clearly currently, a neo-Nazi) is interviewed and it turns out that he can’t put two words together without saying “umm” or swallowing his own snot.

Brilliant! And here, to prolong your chuckle, is an excellent tune by the very same guy. This dude is great. He’s a complete brick-head who fears for Christmas eve and Midsummer at the hands of marauding foreigners. And he is also a perfect example of why idiots whould be allowed to speak as much as possible. For entertainment, if nothing else.

Personally I am very much in favour of immigration (duh) but I expect those who immigrate to accept the laws and traditions of the country that accepts them. Isolation, religious law, religious clothing, circumcision – all this bollox should cease. Nothing makes me as happy as seeing middle-eastern women in secular clothing, or happy immigrant families on their way to Skansen. Nothing makes me as angry as seeing women wearing full-body burqas and walking four steps behind their fat men because of some ancient tradition of oppression. Cultural rights my fat arse; civil rights come always first.

What’s the point of leaving a nasty country where you are oppressed in one way and coming to another country where you are oppressed in another? Screw that shit. Sweden needs to break the power of traditonal religious cultures inside its own borders. It should not be afraid to put its foot down and say “Welcome, but please observe the rules”. Go to your Mosque (or your Church), by all means, but that bearded gobshite who runs the place shall NOT have any say in how your life goes.

I am quite openly a culturalist. I do believe that my culture, with its emphasis on openness, fairness, and secularism, is clearly better than many other cultures. And what’s wrong with saying that? Plus anybody can join my culture, regardless of race, sex and colour. Come one, come all, but let the force of law dictate what is right and acceptable, and not some random magic book and a room-full of secretive bearded men.

I mean, look at me, previously a rabid Catholic potato-eater, and now after only 13 years in Sweden I eat pickled fish and pasta, I take my shoes off when I enter a house, and just a few days days ago I bought an IKEA throw-cover for my bed.

Who says miracles can’t happen?

/ paddy

18 thoughts on “The Swedish Democrats

  1. About the burka thing: if we believe that these women allow their husbands to decide what they wear, then that’s the least of our problems. If we really believe that, we primarily need to take away their vote for parliament. How’s that for empowerment?

    If, on the other hand, we believe that they choose their clothing freely, then we should leave them to it because we are a liberal democracy.

    So, in sum, there is no situation in which we should try to prohibit the burka.

  2. I agree with you. It’s a tough subject with a thousands wievpoints. If all other parties deny the right for one kind of extremist party to speak, what does that say about democracy?

    Bah. But, double standards have always been the politicians trait.

      • I thought i would try and write something witty. But just one word came out… I’m just so sick of these people… (SD and KD)

        I kinda like the guy in the baseball cap though, he makes me feel so much better about myself. I’m awesome… like 10 000 hot dogs!

  3. That guy was really hilarious, but leaves me amazed over the politics in Filipstad. Will he sit at kommunfullmäktige in that silly cap and swallow his snot? I hope not!

  4. This is very interesting to me. Different country, same political manipulating by one party or another. “We don’t like what you have to say, so we are not going to let you sit at the table”

    The burqa issue is a tricky one, so many of the women of that culture have been raised to believe that it is the only choice they have, therefore, if asked, they would say they CHOOSE to wear it. But, in truth, they have no actual idea of what choice in life really feels like. Does that make sense?

  5. “Fornminnen…” Yes, those teeming hordes of darkies are a real menace to our brittle runestones.

    Interestingly, though, given the consistent lead of the Right in the polls, maybe actually the best thing that could happen from a tactical Green point of view is if the Swedish Democrats did make it into parliament — because that way the “Alliance” would lose their majority and be forced to compromise with the only remaining non-socialist (Nazional or otherwise) party.

  6. Except for the the used up, moral-and-intellectually-empty-and bereft “multiculturalism” crusade on “the left” and their “everyonebutmeandthewhitegirliwanttobreedwithisbrownscum” analogues on the right…there is very little difference between the left and right in the western world anymore.Actually, the multiculturalism is the only difference and that dosent make one a leftist. The supremacy of capitalism and imperialism arent even questioned anymore,no matter how much they should be.

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