Too Much News

Today I made the classic mistake of watching the news at breakfast. Bad idea. I am not normally know for my pleasant demeanour in the mornings, and watching that carnival of inanity pushes me way over the edge into proper “grumpy old man” territory.

Article one that lit my fuse was a collection of total fucking morons in Belgrade who turned out in their Soviet-era sweats to protest the fact that other people had the nerve to exist. In this case, they were showing their displeasure against the upcoming Pride parade. And, as homophobes always do, the people interviewed went on about “traditional values” and “family values” and “religious values” and other such steaming horse shit to justify their actions.

I mean, when will these people grow a pair and actually say what they are thinking instead of just hiding behind religion and tradition? Fucking tossers. I would have much more respect for them if they turned out with signs simply saying “I Hate Homos”. Fucking cowards and fucking idiots all in one, with their tiny piggy eyes and their big penile compensation signs. It almost makes me glad that there is no heaven as, if there were, I might have to share it with gobshites like that.

Article two that inflamed my wrath is this one. A divorced man in Sweden takes his two kids and hoofs it. The article tells us there is a risk he might take the kids illegally back to his own country and then asks for our help in looking out for them. Whereupon the “journalists” tell us what kind of dress the little girl is wearing and then stop talking. They completely don’t tell us what the guy looks like, surely the most important piece of data here. They have pretty much told us he is not a white Swede, but then don’t dare to tell us his actual appearance.

This, I imagine, comes from the classic Swedish fear of being portrayed a racist. But in this case, I just don’t get it. Just what is wrong with saying “It’s a Middle-Eastern dude” or “It’s a Kenyan dude” or “It’s a white dude from South Africa” or whatever. Don’t they want the kids to be found? And, if so, shouldn’t they actually just give us the info and let us make our own minds up?

Seriously, saying that the dude is from country X and looks like Y is not racism. If the press really cared about those kids being found, and not just about looking PC, then they would tell us. But I guess they don’t. It’s just news, something to fill the seconds with.

I could go on, oh yes I could, on and on and on. But I won’t. There’s a nice day ahead full of things that won’t annoy me, so I’ll think about them instead. And I’ll have my trusty TV-B-Gone at the ready, just in case a TV tries to sneak up on me when I least expect it.

/ paddy

9 thoughts on “Too Much News

  1. Homophobes piss me off so much more than I can even begin to express in a mere comment. So. Much. More.
    The inability of “journalists” to seperate racism from pertinent details is insanely annoying.
    It’s official, you can’t watch the morning news, for BOTH our sakes. Now I am in a foul mood, and I am in the midst of my Beautiful Fucking Week. What have you done? ;)

    • Well, all I can promise when you come here is that you’ll learn something new, or at least see some swearing. All else is at your own risk!

  2. Sometimes I like to overcompensate back by behaving like a bitchy heterophobe. Down with breeders! Please, people, babies are disgusting so stop having them and bringing them to supermarkets and on airplanes. These smelly poop factories are unnatural and distract me from pursuing my openly gay lifestyle. Thanks in advance for your inevitable cooperation, you filthy heteros. Toodles! ;o)

    • I agree, short people with big heads are against the natural order of things. And there should definitely be a “no children” section in airplanes for people who want to drink booze and sleep in peace.

  3. As soon as something is taboo and you can’t make jokes about it, it starts to get a little creepy.

    I just love how South Park always shits on everyone.

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