It was Christmas Eve, Babe

I just got one of those “I’d better blog” moments. You know the ones.

So. It’s soon Christmas. Americans note that it isn’t “The Holidays”. It is, in fact, Christmas. I have wrapped the boy’s Lego Mindstorms, my Art Nouveau 2011 calendar and my annual Space Opera novel and shoved them under the plastic tree. I’ve also bought myself a bunch of nice stuff, and been by the English Shop for tea and pies. We are also good for chocolate and rum, oh yes we are.

It’s at Christmas that I most miss not having a regular family life. I have the boy with me half the time, and that’s great, but I miss the whole thing with two people, and the kids getting all excited and annoying, and collapsing on the sofa beside somebody with a silly hat and a glass of Baileys. Being single has a lot going for it, but, you know. Christmas is not a time designed for singles.

But, on the other hand, I have a week off where I can do whatever the hell I feel like. Drink coffee until it pours out my ears, visit museums and take a careful walk in the snow-covered forest, glittering at -17 degrees. And I must say that I really am happy to avoid the Christmas shopping insanity, what with people, cars, noise, music and suicide bombers. Why the hell do people complain so much about doing their Christmas shopping? If it’s that annoying, then don’t do it. When did buying random shit become a token of affection? It’s all a bit sad really.

But, let’s all cheer up with this – the possible Christmas number one in Ireland, and the best song from Limerick about a horse, ever. Plus a truly excellent pop song.

So happy Christmas, my little ones. And may 2011 kick fucking arse.

/ paddy

7 thoughts on “It was Christmas Eve, Babe

  1. oooh, what space opera novel did you get? – I didn’t have time to sort one out so I will have to take vicarious pleasure in yours!

  2. probably not what you want to see, but this gave me a smile:

    As I sit in a ski hotel in Austria I have to say I am pissed off with that English couple that lost their kid in Portugal. A few years ago it would have been fine for me and the missus to go for dinner in the hotel dining room with the sprogling upstairs (and baby monitor by our side). Now one of us has to sit in watch for mythical baby snatchers while the other eats dinner by themselves. Not really the same as your Christmas alone, but it is a pain in the arse.

  3. Where have these guys been all my life?! That was the best song I’ve heard in a long time! Thanks, Paddy! (and here are a couple of extra exclamation marks, in case I used too few: !!!)

  4. -12 in Tralee two days before Christmas! Spent Christmas in Dingle, daughter is in college in Tralee but lives out there.

    Yes, Horse outside was heard a lot!

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