High 5

Hurrah for me! Today is the 5th anniversary of this blog. The very first post (back when the blog was located at blogg.se) can be found here. It’s aged rather well, I think.

And now, 472 blog posts later, I’m still here, churning out commentary. At a slightly reduced rate, I must admit, but still hanging in there. In that time a lot has happened: a whole lot of swearing, a bunch of new friends, a greatly swelled ego, five (count them, five) failed relationships, a new apartment, two new jobs and a pair of fat sideburns.

Looking to the future, all I can offer is more of the same. Until I get a book deal and then I’m fucking OUT of here. Just you watch me.

So thanks for reading people. And please enjoy a slice of the delectable and attractive cake on the left there. Mmm. Poopalicious.

/ paddy

13 thoughts on “High 5

  1. I was going to say I hope you never get a book deal, since I would miss the blog; but then it struck me that I could read your novel instead. So best of luck in all of your pursuits, for the new year and beyond!

  2. I guess the third comment on your first post was from a Swede who didn’t like it that you gave us this Top Secret Information about his people!

    You were lucky though, in Norway you would have gotten a call from the Minister of Foreign Affairs.(Exposing scandinavian traditions of disneywatching can be very very dangerous you know.)

    Great blog, keep it up!

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